Receiver Protectors

This page provides an overview of some of CPI Beverly Microwave Division’s receiver protector offerings- including plasma receiver protectors, TR tubes, TR limiters, receiver protectors with integrated LNAs, solid state coaxial limiters, and more.

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Plasma Receiver Protectors, TR Tubes and TR Limiters

This line features low loss, out of band filtering, low output leakage, and are inexpensive. They also feature multifunction capabilities, including both single and dual configurations, variable attenuation, excess noise generation, coupling, and waveguide to coax transitions.

Plasma Receiver Protectors, PRE-TR Limiters

This line features extremely high power handling, fast recovery time, and low radioactive content. Their multifunction capabilities include variable attenuation, filtering, excess noise generation, coupling, and waveguide to coax transitions.

Solid State Coaxial Limiters

These limiters cover the UHF to Ka-Band and feature low loss, a small size, and a low cost.

Receiver Protector with LNA

This line combines an LNA into a single package with the receiver protectors. It offers a low noise figure, high power handling, and the elimination of transitions and device interconnects.

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