Installed Antenna Modeling Software: Savant

Source: ANSYS, Inc.

Installed Antenna Modeling Software: Savant

Savant is a type of simulation software used to predict installed antenna performance and antenna-to-antenna coupling in complex environments. Its multicore, GPU and MPI parallelized engine accounts for all of the important effects that need to be taken into consideration, including creeping waves, curved surface ray divergence correction, blockage, diffraction, multi-bounce, and PTD wedge correction.

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Savant software features sophisticated GUI for setting up, running, and interpreting Savant simulation. It offers support for a variety of CAD formats like ACAD facet, Stereolithography, Wavefront OBJ, IGES, WIPL-D, Gmsh, and IDEAS Universal. This software has been especially optimized for electrically large, high-fidelity platforms.

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