16 Way Broadband Power Divider: DL 162030

Source: TRM Microwave

16 Way Broadband Power Divider: DL 162030
This 16 way broadband power divider can be applied to Radar and Satellite Communications systems requiring a division of power from a single input to 16 output ports in the 20 to 3000 MHz frequency range and is designed to withstand the most challenging environmental operating conditions. The 16-way power divider shows an insertion loss of less than 4.5 dB with minimum isolation of 18 dB. Input and Output VSWR maximum is 1.6:1 or better while the amplitude balance is 0.8 dB max. The output power of the device is ±20 dBm CW. Tested temperature range is -15° to +55° C.
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