Newsletter | July 3, 2019

07.03.19 -- X-Band SSPA | Outdoor MIMO Antennas | Custom Cavity Filters

Volume 13, Issue 7
July 2019

An overview of noteworthy
new products from RF Globalnet

Featured Products And Services
TDS-535 Tuned Dipole Set (Single)
A.H. Systems
125-Watt CW, 1.0 GHz To 2.5 GHz Solid State Amplifier
X-Band, Solid State Power Amplifier VSX3695
Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
1.0 To 26.5 GHz, 180-Degree Hybrid Coupler For Space Applications
Standard And Custom High-Performance Cavity Filters
NuWaves Engineering
100 kHz To 40 GHz Wideband Low-Noise Synthesizer
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
High-Efficiency Microwave Power Module
TMD Technologies
2900 To 3500 MHz, Solid State, Broadband, High-Power Amplifier With 20 Percent Duty Cycle
Empower RF Systems, Inc.
Field Master Pro RF Spectrum Analyzer
Anritsu Company
Outdoor MIMO Antennas For Urban 5G Deployments
22 To 43.5 GHz Monolithic Amplifier
100 kHz To 20 GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer And Monitoring Receiver
Signal Hound