WR-04 Faraday Isolator: STF-04-S1

Source: SAGE Millimeter, Inc.

WR-04 Faraday Isolator: STF-04-S1

SAGE Millimeter offers the Model STF-04-S1 full band WR-04 Faraday isolator operating in the 170 to 260 GHz frequency range. This isolator offers 30 dB typical isolation, 4.0 dB nominal insertion loss, and good flatness with a return loss of 15 dB.

The STF-04-S1 isolator is constructed with a longitudinal, magnetized ferrite rod that causes a Faraday rotation of the incoming RF signal. The input and output ports are WR-04 waveguides with UG-387/U-M flanges. Ideal applications include use in test labs, instrumentations, and sub-assemblies.

For additional information on the STF-04-S1 Faraday isolator, download the available datasheet.