Newsletter | October 14, 2021

10.14.21 -- Week in 5G | Optimizing Clock Synthesis In Small Cells

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Power Supply Optimization: Weighing The Benefits Of Custom Vs. COTS

When considering total cost of ownership, delivery timelines, ease of integration, and real-world performance, application-specific or custom power supplies often prove superior to COTS.

Consistent Satcom Gain And Flatness Performance With The AR-50
The AR Modular RF Model AR-50 booster amplifier provides superior uplink and downlink performance for enhancing UHF satellite communications. Properly setting up the receive path will maximize the link quality and reliability.
FAQ: What Is Q Factor?

The quality factor (Q) of a resonator is expressed as the ratio of stored versus lost energy per oscillation cycle. Overall losses through a resonator increase as Q factor drops and will increase more rapidly with frequency for lower values of resonator Q.

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) Explained

This white paper offers a brief overview on the history of voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), as well an introduction on short-circuit and open-circuit termination and the creation of standing waves.

Modern Motor Design Cleans Up The Portable Vacuum

The 21st century home offers abundant examples of how a simple, everyday device — the electric motor — has evolved through modern design to become an integral part of an expanding number of home appliances. 

Using Time To Save Time Tuning Filters

Tighter specs mean tighter dimensional requirements, more precision while tuning, and no room for error. All of these factors drive up cost and time. If we can save time by focusing on our tuning methods, we can lower costs and drive down lead times.

Leading The Way In The Broadband Component And Testing Industry

Krytar’s product line meets the needs of a diverse, growing customer base and relies on partners who share a commitment to service. This case study discusses Krytar’s partner, Sunstone, and the advantages of working with them to deliver the highest quality customized products.

Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

Understanding And Guarding Against Electromagnetic Interference

EMI protection is a fundamental element of system design, but poor prioritization, unexpected sources of interference, or a lack of in-house answers can leave designers stumped for solutions.

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Model 8256 3U VPX SOSA-Aligned Development Chassis Demo

Pentek’s Model 8256 is a 3U VPX platform aligned to the SOSA Technical Standard with IPMI and connectivity for RF and optical interfaces for application development with Pentek's Quartz RFSoC data acquisition and processing boards. Pentek's SOSA-aligned products facilitate interoperability, re-use, and rapid technology insertion, all consistent with the SOSA Consortium's approach and vision. 

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CPI Receiver Protector (RP) Selection Guide

CPI offers a wide range of solid state limiters, TR limiters, pre-TR limiters, pre-TR tubes, TR tubes, ATR tubes, and multipactors. Benefits for these products include extensive high-power test capabilities, in-house environmental test facilities, and computer modeling and automatic test capabilities. This guide offers general performance characteristics of products in each frequency band and covers their many multifunction capabilities.

The AR “Orange Book Of Knowledge” - 9th Edition

The Orange Book of Knowledge (OBK) has grown into much more than we at AR could have ever imagined. For many engineers, this resource book has turned into the “go-to” source for everything and anything related to EMC.


Featured Products And Resources
SGX1000 RF Signal Generators
The SGX1000 series of RF signal generators offers high-performance signal generation with an easy-to-use interface in a compact form factor. The SGX1000 utilizes a proprietary blend of direct digital and direct analog synthesis to provide ultra-fine frequency resolution, lightning-fast frequency switching, ultra-low phase noise and jitter, and superior reliability.
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Boonton Electronics Corp.
Clarity 70 Test Cables

The Clarity™ 70 addresses key challenges in testing with a broad frequency response, rugged and durable construction, excellent phase stability, and a long flex life.

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Times Microwave Systems
GRF5508/10 ¼ W Power Amplifiers Deliver The Ultimate In Native Linearity
Guerrilla RF introduces the GRF5508 and GRF5510, two of 10 new ¼ W linear power amplifiers being released as part of the company’s expansion into the cellular market. These new InGaP HBT amplifiers are designed specifically for 5G/4G wireless infrastructure applications requiring exceptional native linearity over temperature extremes of -40°C to 85°C.
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Guerrilla RF
Solid State, High-Power Amplifier: AMP2107ADB-2
Exodus introduces the AMP2107ADB-2, a solid state, high-power amplifier. This amplifier is best suited for communications testing, EMI-Lab, and EW applications.
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Exodus Advanced Communications