Waveguide Feed Horns And Networks

Source: MM Microwave Limited


MM Microwave’s design incorporates the latest in design technology to create feed horns for front-end parabolic antennas. Used in satellite communication applications, our products are well proven and adaptable.

Feeds are available in single and dual bands with dual polarizations. Linear (V/H)  or circular polarization (RHCP/LHCP)  can be provided upon request. Additionally feeds can be provided with switchable polarizations, either RH or LH circular polarisation. A corrugated choke ring can also be fitted to reduce ‘front to back’ radiation, and provide a mounting surface. Protection against airborne particles can be provided by a kapton window sandwiched between the feed and choke ring. Catalogue items are available and custom designs can be accommodated. Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirement.