VectorStar® 4 Port Broadband Vector Network Analyzer: ME7838A4

Source: Anritsu Company

VectorStar® 4 Port Broadband Vector Network Analyzer: ME7838A4

The VectorStar® ME7838A4 is a 4 port broadband Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) that provides on-wafer and signal integrity for higher performance levels. With features including the world’s widest differential broadband sweep from 70 kHz to 110/125 GHz, and the integration of the 3743A mmWave modules and Non Linear Transmission Line (NLTL) technology, this VMA is able to conduct highly stable and quick measurements for differential device characterization.

The VectorStar® ME7838A4 system has excellent thermal stability through the use of an internal substrate-mounted source, resulting in in top industry calibration levels and measurement stability of 0.1 dB over 24 hours. This broadband VNA also supports the 3744x-Rx receiver for noise figure measurements up to 125 GHz, and is compatible with all major probe stations.

For more features, specifications, and graphs on the VectorStar® ME7838A4, download the datasheet.