Newsletter | February 16, 2021

02.16.21 -- UWB Location Tech | COTS SDR For 5G Development

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An Introduction To Microwave Power Modules

The Tri-Service (Army, Navy, and Air Force) launched the MPM program in 1991, and most TWT companies were given development contracts. The program aimed to boost the microwave tube development effort in the U.S. and to combine the best use of vacuum electronics and solid-state technologies.

Dual Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna For Satellite Communication

In this example, a circularly polarized dielectric resonator antenna intended for use as part of a compass navigation satellite system (CNSS) is simulated in XFdtd to generate return loss, gain patterns, broadside gain versus frequency, and axial ratio.

COTS Software Defined Radio For 5G Development

The latest SDR products offer SoC solutions with integrated I/O, ARM processors, and large FPGAs that include intellectual property (IP) for accessing, routing, and processing digital data. 

Why Predictability Matters In High-End PCB Manufacturing

Without predictability, a product’s reliability cannot be assured. Conventional approaches to predictability often fall short. Inspection, for example, only reveals superficial flaws. Micro sectioning is destructive in nature and inadequate for complex PCBs with thousands of vias. 

Achieve Excellent Performance In A Small Footprint With Low-Loss, High Q, S, And C Band Filters

Most RF devices require some level of filtering to attenuate or remove unwanted signals from the desired channel. Without a filter, receiver components can become saturated and unwanted signals can combine with desired signals to corrupt information.

Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

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Introducing Pentek’s Family Of Quartz Products

Based on the Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ RFSoC, the Quartz family brings performance and high-density integration to a wide range of different application spaces with a uniquely flexible design path. Quartz is available in standard form factors like 3U VPX or, with the QuartzXM Carrier Design Kit, it can be deployed on application specific custom carriers.

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50-Year History Of Corry Micronics

Corry Micronics (CMI) was founded in 1970 by Reggie Baker and began with a small product line consisting of filter/bias networks, stripline mounted RF shorts, feedthrough devices, stripline DC blocks, and special thick film metalized Mica.

Featured Products And Services
5 KHz To 300 MHz Preamplifier: PAM-5K300

The PAM-5K300 is a low frequency preamplifier designed to provide reliable, repeatable measurements in the 5 kHz to 300 MHz frequency range. This solution is an excellent choice for improving system dynamic range and can be used as a standard workhorse of any EMC test house for compliance testing.

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A.H. Systems
NuPower Xtender L-Band And S-Band Bidirectional Amplifier: 12B04A-D27

The NuPower Xtender 12B04A-D27 is a bidirectional amplifier module featuring a small, broadband, high-performance RF amplifier that generates 20 watts of RF power across the L- and S-band frequencies of 1.0 to 2.5 GHz. It is ideal for use in extending the communication range of half-duplex L- or S-band transceivers running constant-envelope or near-constant-envelope waveforms.

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NuWaves Engineering
3 Hz To 3.6, 8.4, 26.5, And 44 GHz MXE EMI Receiver: N9038B

The N9038B MXE EMI Receiver is a standard-compliant diagnostic signal analyzer built on an upgradeable platform. It is designed to deliver the accuracy, repeatability, and reliability needed to test with confidence and keep the test queue flowing.

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Keysight Technologies
Extended Frequency Spectrum Analyzer: EVO-RSA-6070A

The EVO-RSA-6070A is part of the EVO Series of extended frequency spectrum analyzers from Avcom designed for higher performance and agility in applications with continuously changing requirements. The included SDR-style technology analyzer includes a wide bandwidth receiver and employs FPGA, DSP, and high-performance processors.

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AVCOM Of Virginia Inc.
860 To 930 MHz RF Front-End Modules For High-Power Industrial, Scientific, Medical (ISM) Band Applications

Skyworks’ newest family of compact, high-performance RF front-end modules (FEMs) is specifically designed for LPWAN – supporting LoRa®, SigFox, and other unlicensed band technologies – as well as high-power industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) applications operating in the 860-930 MHz frequency range.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
GRF5508/10 ¼W Power Amplifiers Deliver The Ultimate In Native Linearity

Guerrilla RF introduces the GRF5508 and GRF5510, two of 10 new ¼ W linear power amplifiers being released as part of the company’s expansion into the cellular market. These new InGaP HBT amplifiers are designed specifically for 5G/4G wireless infrastructure applications requiring exceptional native linearity over temperature extremes of -40°C to 85°C.

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Guerrilla RF
Solid-State High-Power RF And Microwave Amplifiers Catalog

New for 2021, Empower RF Systems offers its latest catalog with updates on available amplifier technology. The brochure provides a corporate overview and describes capabilities, features, and benefits of three major product lines: modules, air cooled rack mount systems, and liquid cooled scalable racks.

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Empower RF Systems, Inc.
X-Band 300 kW Magnetron Transmitter: VPX3469

CPI Beverly offers the 3469 magnetron transmitter system for use as a high-power source of RF power for outdoor-mounted radar applications. The transmitter cabinet contains the high-voltage power supply, solid-state switch, and the high-voltage tank assembly, which includes the pulse transformer, energy storage high-voltage capacitor, and filament power supply.

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Communications & Power Industries
Ultra-Broadband High-Performance Components And Test Equipment

KRYTAR is a leader in ultra-broadband passive microwave components with over 35 years of experience, delivering high performance and quality that ensure success for military and commercial applications. They specialize in ultra-broadband components with frequencies ranging from DC to 110 GHz.

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1200 Watts CW, 10 kHz To 225 MHz Solid-State Broadband Amplifier: 1200A225A

AR’s 1200A225A is a solid-state amplifier covering the 10 kHz – 225 MHz frequency range. When used with a sweep generator, it provides a minimum of 1200 watts of RF power. Like most of AR’s amplifiers, this model is ideal for applications that call for instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.

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80 Watts CW/PEP 700 To 960 MHz Amplifier Platform: AR-5000 Series

AR Modular RF has designed a series of wideband, class A/AB linear amplifier platform for use with modern digital modulations. This AR-5000 amplifier has a flexible system architecture that allows for rapid prototyping and quick-turn modifications as customer needs arise.

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AR Modular RF