Newsletter | January 24, 2023

01.24.23 -- U.S. Pressuring Japan, The Netherlands To Cut China Out Of Semiconductor Loop

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Spotlight On Military, Defense, & Aerospace Solutions
Electric And Autonomous Vehicles Transform The Aerospace & Defense Industry

Evolving geopolitical realities continue to redefine modern warfare. The test and measurement industry must enable further advancements to fully recognize the benefits of this transformation. 

Learn About Conformance To The SOSA Technical Standard

Experts involved in the SOSA Consortium and the standard’s development discuss the elements of conformance to the Technical Standard, how the upcoming 1.0 release will address it, and considerations for the certification process. 

NIGHTHAWK And RAVEN Tactical Booster Amplifiers

Expanding the range and delivering reliable communications with the latest tactical radio systems is now easier than ever - The NIGHTHAWK and RAVEN tactical booster amplifiers use fast switching technology, targeted to support modern waveforms and offer 20 watts of output power.

Want To Deploy Optimized Directed Energy Weapons? Integrate A Compact Noise Source

Additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) generation is an effective way to combat and reduce stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) in finalized directed energy weapons (DEW).

Industry Insights
Ground Mobile/Fixed Site ELINT/ESM System: MFEL-5000 GSN

Survivability in any modern conflict will depend on the operational capability of a military to conduct operations in the face of a complex and fast changing electromagnetic environment (EME). The D-TA MFEL-5000 GSN ELINT system delivers timely and integrated ELINT data to ensure mission effectiveness.

Improving The Capabilities Of Cognitive Radar & EW Systems

This application note addresses the challenges that mode-agile or wartime reserve mode (WARM) radar and electromagnetic warfare (EW) threat emitters pose, as well as the architecture of cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems and how they deliver effective RF countermeasures.

A Solution To Mission Critical Communications

This article discusses the ADRV9001 — part of a highly agile, user-configurable, new generation SDR IC transceiver family — and its ability to provide scalable power and performance for satellite, military, land mobile, utility infrastructure, and cellular mission critical communications.

High Q Capacitors For RF Power

High Q multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are designed and tested to overcome the challenges of developing high-frequency devices that require minimal power loss.

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Featured Multimedia
MtronPTI Provides A Destination For RF Components And Solutions

On the third and final day at IMS 2022, Bill Drafts with MtronPTI explains how the company combines an array of products to design integrated microwave assemblies and/or multifunction modules. MtronPTI provides solutions for applications and markets including defense, aerospace, instrumentation, industrial, and more.

Bulletin Board
Military Radar Products Brochure

Communications & Power Industries military radar products are found in militaries around the globe. These products are integral to the protection of war´Čüghters worldwide by providing consistent reliable components for airborne, shipboard, ground, and decoy applications.

Featured Products And Resources
Double Balanced Mixer/LO Amplifier: MM1A-0832HPSM

The MM1A-0832HPSM is a versatile, robust, and broadband double-balanced mixer with an integrated broadband LO driver amplifier that is ideal for wide bandwidths and operation at mmWave frequencies.

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Marki Microwave
20 MHz - 18 GHz Preamplifier: PAM-0118P

The PAM-0118P is a preamplifier designed to operate in the 20 MHz to 18 GHz frequency range and increase system sensibility by at least 37 dB. This device has a rugged compact design for measuring applications in the EMC lab or out in the field for general RFI testing. Other features include a 3 dB noise figure, 6 dBm output power at 1 dB compression, and N-type female connectors. 

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A.H. Systems
dB-3205 Microwave Power Module

The dB-3205 Q-Band Microwave Power Module (MPM) is designed for advanced extremely high frequency (AEHF) communication and rugged military environments. It operates in the 43.5 to 45.5 GHz frequency range and provides 80 watts CW RF output power.

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dB Control
MLDD 4-Way Power Dividers

KRYTAR MLDD four-way power dividers lend themselves to emerging wireless ultra-broadband designs and many test and measurement applications.

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