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03.24.20 -- Understanding Filter Response Type | SDR Handbook

Featured Article
Which Filter Response Type Is Best For My Application?
By NuWaves Engineering

At NuWaves, the most commonly utilized response types are the Chebyshev, Bessel-Thomson, and Butterworth. This article provides a quick overview of these filter response types and their implications on the overall system performance.

Customized Microelectronics Solutions
Brochure | Micro Systems Technologies

Micro Systems Engineering’s expertise in developing microelectronics grew from their early days as a supplier of electronic modules for active medical implants. They have leveraged this experience to provide solutions for other markets as well, including the defense and aerospace market.  

Design And Simulation Of 28 GHz Beamforming System And Antenna Array For 5G Network Base Stations
Application Note | Remcom

The system consists of three parts: a Rotman lens beamformer with seven input ports and eight output ports, a series of stripline Wilkinson power dividers to split each Rotman output into eight equal signals, and an 8x8 patch antenna array. The design process consists of three separate stages. 

Tuning Element Application Guide
Application Note | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

Specially designed microwave tuning elements for tuning microwave circuits such as filters, oscillators, delay lines, multiplexers, and dielectric resonant structures.

  MilSatCom USA 2020

June 24 and 25, 2020 | Arlington, Virginia

MilSatCom USA will bring together military and government leaders, both from the U.S. and from key allies, and major industry SATCOM providers to explore MILSATCOM in depth. Topics being discussed include emerging U.S. Space policy, SATCOM resiliency and redundancy, partnership and collaboration between nations and organizations, and expeditionary SATCOM for the warfighter.

Featured Multimedia
Product Demo - AR’s AA Field Generating Systems

In this video Flynn Lawrence, AR’s senior applications engineer, demonstrates AR’s AA Field Generating Systems. These solid state field-generating systems comprise an amplifier/antenna combination in a single housing, which can generate field strengths up to 50 V/m with two band-specific models covering 18 to 40 GHz.

Bulletin Board
Software Defined Radio Handbook

Recently updated, this handbook shows how DDCs (digital downconverters), the fundamental building block of software radio, can replace legacy analog receiver designs while offering significant performance, density, and cost benefits.

Featured Products And Services
BAW Filters For 5G
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2.4 GHz, WLAN Front-End Module
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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
10 To 50 GHz Dual-Directional Coupler
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Mini-SMT RSMT Series SMT Resistors
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Mini-Systems, Inc.
0.1 To 18 GHz, Solid State Programmable Attenuator
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JFW Industries, Inc.
Air Traffic Control (ATC) Radar Products
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Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division

2.0 To 6.0 GHz, TWT Amplifier
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dB Control
RF Switched Filter Banks
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Corry Micronics, Inc.
75-Watts PEP, 30 To 512 MHz, Tx/Rx Booster Amplifier
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AR Modular RF
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