Ultra-Miniature UB Series Lumped Element Filters

Source: K&L Microwave, Inc.

Ultra-Miniature UB Series Lumped Element Filters

The ultra-miniature UB Series of lumped element filters from K&L Microwave are capable of operation in applications with frequencies ranging from 300 to 2500 MHz. These filters are available with 2 to 5 resonant sections, and bandwidths from 5% to 15% for ƒ0 < 1000 MHz, or 10% to 20% bandwidths for ƒ0 ≥ 1000 MHz.

While the standard element filters offer excellent characteristics, K&L can enhance parameters such as insertion loss and power handling capacity (both peak and average) through special package designs. Typical surface mount sizes for 2 and 3 section filters are 0.45”L x 0.25”W x 0.14”H, and 4 and 5 section filters have a typical surface mount size of 0.65”L x 0.25”W x 0.14”H.

For more features and specifications on the UB Series filters, download the datasheet.