Ultra Broadband PIN Diode Switches Covering 0.05 To 110 GHz

Source: Ducommun Inc.


Ducommun’s ultra broadband PIN diode switch series is offered to extend the RF switching capacity to the frequency range of 0.05 to 110 GHz, where a single AlGaAs MMIC-based switch operates from 0.05 to 67 GHz while three GaAs beam-lead PIN diode/Fin-line technology based waveguide switches cover V (50-75 GHz), E (60-90 GHz) and W (75-110 GHz) bands respectively.

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The switches covering the entire range of 0.05 – 67 GHz use 1.85 mm coaxial connectors as I/O interface and offer SPST to SP8T solutions as well as both reflective & absorptive options, while the switches operating in full V, E, and W WG-bands have WR-15, WR-12 and WR-10 waveguide interfaces and offer SPST & SPDT solutions. All the switches are TTL controlled with typical +/- 5 V biasing and provide superior performance with low insertion loss, high isolation and fast switching speed across broad operating frequency ranges. They are ideal for those who want to turn on/off RF signal across a wide frequency range by using a single switch.


  • Ultra broadband
  • Low insertion/high isolation
  • Fast switching
  • Complete solid state solution

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