UHF RF Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-2

Source: NuWaves Engineering

UHF RF Data Transceiver: RF-U-3545-TR-2

This UHF RF Data Transceiver operates in the 350 to 450 MHz frequency range, has a data rate up to 80 kbps, a 500 mA (@15.0 VDC) transmit current, a 135 mA (typical) receive current, -98 dBm (typical) sensitivity, an RF transmit power of 100 mW (typical), and more.  The RF-U-3545-TR-2 UHF RF Data Transceiver measures in at 9.10” x 3.26” x 0.57”. Custom designs changes in size, data rates, frequencies, modulations, RF power output, etc. are available.

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The RF-U-3545-TR-2 UHF RF Data Transceiver can be used in applications involving light weight transceivers like in UAVs, in airborne RF data transmission and reception, and in general purpose short/long range data transceiver communication links.

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