10000 Watt Pulse TWT Amplifier: 10000TP8G10

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10000 Watt Pulse TWT Amplifier: 10000TP8G10

This self-contained traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifier covers the 8-10 GHz frequency range and provides a 10,000 watts minimum peak RF pulse power. It’s ideal for test and measurement applications like EMC RF pulse susceptibility testing, industrial and university R&D, and in service applications.

Specifications for the 10000TP8G10 include:

  • Power
    • Nominal: 11000 watts
    • Minimum: 10000 watts
  • Flatness: +6 dB maximum
  • Input for Rated Output: 1.0 milliwatt maximum
  • Gain: 70 dB minimum (at maximum setting)
  • Gain Adjustment: 35 dB (continuous range)
  • Input Impedance: 50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 maximum
  • Output Impednace: 50 ohms, VSWR 2.5:1 typical

A front panel digital display indicates forward and reflected average power output or forward and reflected peak power, as well system status information. For additional information on the 10000TP8G10 TWT amplifier’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.

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