TRM Radar Test System: TS6710

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The R&S®TS6710 test system allows manufacturers of state-of-the-art AESA radar equipment to perform fast, automatic RF measurements on transmit-receive modules (TRM) in development and production. The test cases supplied with the system are adapted to customer requirements, e.g. to allow automatic control of the module.

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Brochure: TRM Radar Test System: TS6710

State-of-the-art AESA radars contain several thousand TRMs each, and each TRM must be tested separately during development and production. To handle the large number of different measurements and measurement values involved, testing requires a high degree of automation.

The R&S®TS6710 is an all-in-one solution that offers extremely short test times for ensuring the high throughput required in production. In addition, it allows measurements to be flexibly configured for development. These capabilities help the manufacturer develop modules, reduce production cycles and make production more efficient.

Optimum test performance is achieved by specifically adapting the test cases on the basis of the supplied source code, either by Rohde & Schwarz or by experts of the customer. Since the test details can be adapted by the customer, it is easy for customers to protect their intellectual property rights. Because of the wide parameter ranges, the R&S®TS6710 supports the measurement of TRMs for diverse applications, e.g. due to its wide frequency range for future broadband radar equipment.


  • Future-ready system concept
  • Turnkey solution from Rohde & Schwarz ensures quality and long-term support
  • System design based on standard equipment reduces cost of ownership
  • Protection of intellectual property rights of TRM and radar
  • On-site test optimization through adaptation of supplied source code Efficient testing
  • High measurement speed
  • Optional extension to eight DUTs per test system
  • Integrated test report generator for easy evaluation of results
  • Export of measurement results in standard formats for easy processing Flexible use
  • For development and production
  • Fast adaptation to measurement task through parameterized test sequence
  • Ready-made test cases
  • Custom adaptation, e.g. of transmit power and frequency rang


Click Here To Download:
Brochure: TRM Radar Test System: TS6710

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