Transmitters for Terrestrial Broadcasting

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Transmitters for Terrestrial Broadcasting

Rohde and Schwarz’s THU9 and THR9 transmitters are used to improve terrestrial broadcasting efficiency. This page provides an overview of their features and specifications.

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R&S®THU9 UHF Transmitter for TV

This transmitter uses Doherty technology to improve the overall efficiency of the terrestrial broadcasting of TV signals. It features a scalable and flexible system configuration, a user-friendly operating terminal and GUI, optimized total cost of ownership, the highest power density per transmitter rack, and more.

The THU9 UHF transmitter has high energy efficiency – up to 38% COFDM and 42% ATSC. This, coupled with its configuration flexibility, operating convenience, and small footprint, translates to cost reductions for network operators over the entire system’s lifetime.

Rohde & Schwarz also offers air-cooled transmitters with exceptional efficiency, unique variability, a small footprint, easy handling, and outstanding reliability. Click here for information on the R&S® TMU9 and R&S® TMV9 UHF and VHF air-cooled transmitters.

R&S®THR9 Liquid-Cooled FM Transmitter

This FM transmitter is used for the terrestrial broadcasting of audio broadcast signals. It provides energy efficiency of up to 75% and its liquid cooling reduces overall service requirements and achieves a small footprint through the integration of multiple transmitters and additional components.

The THR9 liquid-cooled transmitter can deliver FM output power of up to 40 kW per rack. Its digital technology minimizes potential infrastructure costs and its efficiency minimizes energy costs.

For more information on the transmitter’s features and specifications, download the available brochures. You can also contact Rohde & Schwarz directly to request more information.


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