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12.19.13 -- Top 10 Of 2013

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Bird Now Delivers End-To-End Public Safety-Grade Fiber Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions   Bird Now Delivers End-To-End Public Safety-Grade Fiber Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solutions
Join us January 21, 2014, for a 60-minute webinar in which you'll learn how to use the latest technologies to improve user connectivity. This webinar will cover key points including:
• Growing demand for cell phone coverage with high data rates
• Public safety communications mandates and solutions
• Traditional tower macro site alternatives
• Solutions to cover more wireless services with less equipment
• Get the best results from your coverage deployment
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From The Editor
The Year In RF And Microwave Design
Another year is drawing to a close, which means it’s time, once again, for RF Globalnet’s favorite — and easily our most popular — newsletter, the Top 10 edition. Now in its ninth year, the Top 10 is our annual look back at the news, articles, editorials, products, and downloads that you, our readers, clicked on the most. Take a moment to scan through the headlines, read (or re-read) any items of interest, and reflect on the year that was. From the entire RF Globalnet team, thanks for the role you played in making this newsletter possible. We wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to serving you in the New Year!
Top 10 Articles
1. Understanding LTE
By Anritsu Company
2. Tutorial: Calculating System Phase Noise
By Joseph D. DiBona, senior engineer, Spectrum Microwave
3 .Spectrum Analysis Fundamentals
By National Instruments Corporation
4. Measuring Harmonics Using Spectrum Analyzers
By Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
5. Oscilloscope Basics: Waveforms 101
By Dave Pereles, technical marketing manager, Tektronix, Inc.
6. A Receiver Intermodulation Primer
By Alfred T. Yerger II, RF engineering specialist, Bird Technologies
7. Understanding VNA Calibration
By Anritsu Company
8. Application/Theory Of Dielectric Materials In RF/Microwave Systems
By Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products
9. Understanding RF Instrument Specifications
By National Instruments Corporation
10. A Novel RF Coupler For SMART Utility Meter Remote Antenna Applications
By Norman Smith, Gopinath Gampala, and CJ Reddy; EM Software & Systems (USA) Inc.
Top 10 Downloads
1. Low-Loss Digitally Tuned Bandpass Filters Datasheet
2. Microwave Antenna Solutions Brochure
Cobham Antenna Systems
3. NXP RF Manual
NXP Semiconductors
4. Ultra-Low-Loss Coaxial Cables Datasheet
MegaPhase LLC
5. Electric Circuit Simulation Software Brochure - A Division of EMAG Technologies Inc.
6. Mixer Basics Primer: A Tutorial For RF And Microwave Mixers
Marki Microwave Inc.
7. Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA) Datasheet
8. X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) Datasheet
Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
9. GaN RF Power Product Line Brochure
M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Inc.
10. Power Amplifier Solutions For Electronic Attack Datasheet
Empower RF Systems, Inc.
Top 10 News Stories
1. Reducing The Size Of Phased Array Systems
2. World's Smallest Transceiver Released
3. Magnetic Vortex Antennas For Wireless Data Transmission
4. World Record: Wireless Data Transmission At 100 Gbit/s
5. Faint Sources Of Almost All Radio Waves From Distant Galaxies Identified
6. New Microbatteries Could Allow Radio Signals To Broadcast 30 Times Farther
7. What Disrupts Radio Waves? NASA To Find Out
8. Can You Program A Radio To Dominate The Spectrum?
9. Student Designs Novel Wideband Ring VCO
10. Invisibility Cloak Uses Antennas To Collectively Radiate An Electromagnetic Field
Safe-Guard RF Switch Designed For The Oil And Gas Industries   Safe-Guard RF Switch Designed For The Oil And Gas Industries
The Safe-Guard RF Switch is designed to attenuate the RF transmit signals up to 12dB or to a reduced power level of 6.3 percent of the original power. When flammable gases and vapors are present, transmitting at full power greatly increases the likelihood of an explosion. During these emergency times there is a need to maintain minimal communications with the affected site, so by turning off the DC power to the Safe-Guard RF Switch the transmit power defaults to the reduced level. Learn more.
Top 10 Editorial Perspectives
1. 7 Standout Technologies From IMS2013
2. The Shocking Truth About RF Implantable Devices
3. Microwave Oven = Smartphone Charger: Will RF Energy Harvesting Make It Possible?
4. 4 Key Factors Driving Military Electronics Development
5. A Novel Approach To Averting The Spectrum Crisis
6. 5 Powerful Forces That Could Defeat Your Medical Electronics Design
7. Power Amplifier ‘Heals' Itself After Laser Blasts
8. Powering The Internet Of Everything — Without Batteries Or Wires
9. 5G Breakthrough? Samsung Develops mmWave Adaptive Array Transceiver
10. The 5 Biggest Industry Trends From IMS2013
Top 10 Products And Services
1. Flange-Mount GaN Power Amplifier
Northrop Grumman Microelectronic Products & Services
2. Amplifier Design Software
3. High-Power Amplifiers
API Technologies Corp
4. Surface-Mount Broadband Baluns
Marki Microwave Inc.
5. 13- To 16-GHz GaN Power Amplifier
Northrop Grumman Microelectronic Products & Services
6. Ultra-Low Noise Figure Amplifiers With 0.3-dB Typical Noise Figure
Ciao Wireless
7. Tri-Band Flexislot Antenna
Haigh-Farr, Inc.
8. Antenna Software
EM Software & Systems (USA) Inc.
9. Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kits (Transmit Receive) 1 KHz To 18 GHz
A.H. Systems
10. 180-Degree Hybrid Combiners/Dividers
Microwave Communications Laboratories, Inc. (MCLI)