Three Axis Antenna Positioner: 7.3AE3BP-7.3m


Communications & Power Industries, a recognized leader in design, development, and production of high-performance, offers highly engineered antenna systems solutions used for critical satellite communications, telemetry, tracking and control, earth observation, radar, electronic warfare, search and rescue, and other specialty applications. The Orbital Systems 7.3AE3BP-7.3m antenna positioner is designed and built to provide high reliability while withstanding severe environmental conditions.

This 7.3AE3BP-7.3m three axis satellite tracking system features a 7-degree tilt axis that is suitable for operation at X-band and below. In a near overhead pass the 7.3AE3BP positioner utilizes three axis tracking to completely eliminate reception loss caused by what is referred to as a “keyhole effect” by reducing the worst-case maximum tracking velocity requirements for a low LEO to about 40/sec, allowing use at any practical frequency.

For additional information, download the datasheet.

Communications & Power Industries