Newsletter | March 16, 2022

03.16.22 -- The Role Of EM Simulation Software In Advanced Antenna Design



Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation: A Closer Look At TVS Diodes For ESD Protection

Transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes help protect electronic circuits from surge voltages associated with an electrostatic discharge (ESD) event and are commonly placed alongside I/O lines, audio hardware, human interface devices, power supplies, and an antenna’s RF front end. This paper introduces XFdtd’s transient EM/circuit co-simulation capability, which combines the strength of 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation with the flexibility of circuit solvers.

Indoor Connected Home Smart Speaker WiFi Router Performance Analysis

To maintain connections in complex environments with signal-blocking obstacles, it is useful to have beamforming capabilities in network equipment to steer the signal path and optimize connectivity. This example uses EM simulation software to demonstrate the performance of a MU-MIMO Wi-Fi router with antenna arrays for 2.4, 5, and 6 to 7 GHz ranges, and discusses the maximum coverage possible with different antenna array combinations.

Webinar: Schematic Editor For Matching Network And Corporate Feed Network Analysis

The evolution of wireless products over the past decade has integrated more components, shrinking the available real estate for a device’s antennas and complicating design. The latest version of XFdtd provides a seamless integration of circuit simulation with full-wave simulation, enabling analysis of complex matching networks, corporate feeds, and multi-port devices along with antennas.

EM Simulation Of 140 GHz Antenna Array For 6G Wireless Communication

In this example, a 140 GHz slot antenna array excited by a substrate integrated cavity is demonstrated for use in wireless communications. The base elements are combined to make an 8x8 array, with a wide bandwidth from 130 to 145 GHz, that could be useful for wireless communications in future 6G applications.

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Antenna Simulation Software For Antenna Design And Analysis

Antenna technology is constantly advancing to meet the growing demands of industry. Likewise, Remcom has been keeping pace in order to provide engineers with antenna simulation software that matches their processes and helps them meet their device design requirements.

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