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10.29.19 -- The Evolution of Wi-Fi Standards, Technologies

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The Wi-Fi Evolution
By Ahmad H. Abdelmajid, Qorvo

Since Wi-Fi was first released to consumers in 1997, its standards have been continually evolving — typically resulting in faster speeds and network/spectrum efficiency — and it can be difficult to keep track of new standards. This paper is meant to help you understand the basics of Wi-Fi standards and provides an overview of the evolution of Wi-Fi technologies.

Control Your Amplifier Remotely: ampwebwARe Software
Application Note | AR

While RF and microwave amplifiers themselves may never become truly ‘mobile,’ the way we control them can be. AR’s new ampwebwARe gives you the capability to monitor and control your amplifier remotely without needing any software of your own.

Integrated Windscreen Antenna Analysis
Application Note | Altair Engineering Inc

Many of today’s vehicles tend to include antennas for AM and FM radio, television, GPS navigation, GMS communication, and automated tolling. This white paper discusses how FEKO can provide accurate and efficient solutions in the analysis of integrated windscreen antennas.

Anatomy Of A High-Reliability Chip Resistor
Brochure | Mini-Systems, Inc.

This document covers design and fabrication considerations used in Mini-Systems' thick film processes to maximize the performance of their high-reliability chip resistors in surface-mount adhesion, automated electronic assembly, electrical performance, bondability, and more.

Pentek Clock And Sync Generators
Catalog | Pentek, Inc.

This catalog introduces Pentek’s clock and sync generator products, including multifrequency clock synthesizers, high-speed synchronizer and distribution boards, and high-speed clock generators.

High-Power Switched Filter Bank Options For RF Communications And Electronic Warfare (EW) Applications
Article | By Justin Wells, NuWaves Engineering

Switched filter banks are beneficial to radio frequency (RF) communication systems and are utilized in both receivers and transmitters to reduce signal interference from harmonics, spurious emissions, strong signal interferers, and to limit noise power for optimized system performance.

Factors Affecting Temperature Rise In MLC Capacitors
Application Note | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

When selecting a capacitor to operate at high temperatures, it is useful to understand how its operating conditions can affect its working temperature. This application note explores the factors that affect the working temperature of an MLC capacitor.

Demystifying Over-The-Air Testing — Important Antenna Parameters, Test System Setup, And Calibration
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

The step from conducted measurements to OTA testing changes the measurement requirements to a certain degree, so users must have a basic understanding of antennas and antenna measurements.

5G/4G Combined Antenna Analysis In A Smartphone Using EM Simulation
Application Note | Remcom

This example uses XFdtd EM simulation software to analyze the performance and interaction of two antenna systems operating at 4G (860 MHz) and 5G (28 GHz) in close proximity in a smartphone design.

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The AR-5010 - Go Further. Do More

Our engineer takes you into the features, benefits, and markets for the new AR-5010 amplifier. The AR-5010 is a class A amplifier designed with optimized performance to support linearly modulated, multi-carrier waveforms with high crest factors. The AR-5010 is a part of AR Modular RF’s AR-5000 Series, which is the next generation of wide-band, Class A/AB linear amplifier designed for use with modern digital modulations.

New Product Announcement
5 Tips To Optimize Your Transmitter Tests

This e-book is meant to help the reader achieve cleaner measurement results. Topics covered include how to test more effectively, how to apply corrections for a test setup, optimize resolution bandwidth, increase sensitivity when measuring low-level signals, minimize the analyzer’s distortion products, and increase speed, accuracy, and reliability with measurement applications.

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Handheld Spectrum Analyzer
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