Tactical/Airborne Satcom

Source: Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Tactical/Airborne Satcom

Products specific to the Tactical & Airborne satcom systems include a wide spectrum of small, light Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), Block Up Converters (BUCs), Low Noise Blocks (LNB's) and Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs).

TMS Tactical/Airborne SATCOM At-A-Glance:

  • Frequency: X, Ku & Ka-Band
  • Power: 1w To 10kw
  • Configuration/Packaging: Leaded, Connectorized, Waveguide
  • Platforms: Military Ground Mobile, Airborne (Military & Commercial), Marine Applications
  • Technology: GaAs, LDMOS, InP
  • Export Classifications: EAR99 (ITAR Free)

Explore TMS Tactical/Airborne SATCOM:

TMS offers a wide range of RF modules specifically designed to meet demanding small size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) applications in the Military ground mobile, Air (military & commercial) and Marine markets. Using unique chip and wire capabilities TMS offers extremely rugged and reliable products suitable for the most demanding platforms.

With extensive functionality built in, TMS is able to offer a standard product that will work with most modern SATCOM systems. More information is available from the datasheets below. Feel free to contact TMS directly to inquire about evaluating a demonstration unit.


TMS offers both a BUC (with SSPA) and an LNB (without LNA) as a standard product. Using our unique chip and wire capabilities we are able to make an extremely small package with over 25WP1 output power.


  • SSPA-5W-25W P1
  • BUC/SSPA - 5W-25W P1
  • LNB - Without LNA


Our current product offerings include a very wide range of SSPAs from 5W to 40W in extremely small packages. Each amplifier is hermetically sealed and applicable to many SWaP applications.


  • 5W-40W P1


TMS offers a complete suite of ITAR-FREE (EAR-99) ruggedized products for both Airborne & Ground Mobile Ka-Band systems that have been specifically developed for both legacy and new SATCOM Systems. Both the up & down converters have the ability to electronically switch between the commercial and military Ka/K Bands. Each converter has a number of functions which enable easy integration in legacy and new systems. These include either internal or external reference of either 10 or 50MHz with blanking and attenuation control. By combining these converters with our standard SSPA, a full transceiver can be configured to operate over the 29-31 GHz transmit band and the 19.2-21.2 GHz receive band with just 3 hermetically sealed modules.

Their Standard Airborne SSPA offers 12W minimum linear output power over the full 29-31GHz frequency range. The unit also includes extensive gain control and forward power monitoring. An internal BIT circuit monitors current, thermal and other critical parameters.

TMS also offers a K-band (19.2-21.2GHz) LNA with 1.6dB noise figure over the full 2 GHz bandwidth. With a total weight of 0.5 lbs and small size, the unit is ideal for today's integrated, light weight Ka-Band terminals.