5 MHz To 21 GHz High Isolation Switches

Source: Teledyne Microwave Solutions


Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers High Isolation Switches with low insertion loss, high 1dB compression point, high third order I.P., and fast switching speed. TMS switches are designed for a wide variety of communications applications.

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TMS Switches At-A-Glance:

  • Frequency Range from 5MHz to 21GHz
  • High Isolation numbers: 27.0dB at -55/85°C to 70.0dB at 0/50°C
  • Typical Power Output at 1dB
  • Compression Min from >+19.0dBm to +28.0dBm
  • Typical Insertion loss from < 0.7dB to 3.0dB

TMS Switches have been utilized on Ground, Airborne, Marine, and Space platforms. End use applications:

  • Military
  • Communications
  • EW, Missile
  • Commercial
  • Test and Measurement
  • Space Payload

Download the Switches Catalog for more product features and specifications.