Newsletter | January 12, 2021

01.12.21 -- Spotlight On Wireless Technology/5G

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Spotlight On Wireless Technology/5G
KRYTAR Hybrid Couplers Primer

Krytar’s hybrid couplers are used to perform many functions, including splitting and combining signals in amplifiers, switching circuits, and antenna beam-forming networks used in commercial and military applications where power or frequency needs to be monitored, leveled, alarmed, or controlled. 

5G New Radio Over-The-Air Base Station Receiver Tests

This application note describes all mandatory RF receiver tests, according to the Release 16 (V16.3.0). It also offers a brief introduction about the different R&S OA antenna test solutions and how they are applicable for base station conformance testing.

Performance Of A High-Efficiency, Ka-Band, GaN-On-SiC MMIC With Low Compression

The high-power density and high breakdown voltage of GaN-on-SiC make it of particular interest for power amplifiers. This white paper details the design and performance of 28 V, 3-stage, Ka-band, Gan-on-SiC, power amplifier MMIC with high efficiency and low gain.

What’s So “Massive” About Massive MIMO?

As the list of mobile services available grows, technologies that provide these services must evolve in order to meet this demand while simultaneously improving the overall cost structure to consumers and service operators. Massive MIMO is a key element in 5G cellular networks.  

Six Essential 5G Field Tests Using FieldFox Handheld Analyzers

5G capabilities and improvements will require accurate field test methods for deployment. This article introduces six essential field tests for 5G installation, verification, optimization, and troubleshooting using the FieldFox handheld analyzer.

5G And Millimeter-Wave Testing Brochure

Noisecom noise sources generate the broadband noise required to do this type of benchmarking and quantify component and system performance across the microwave and millimeter bands.

Knowles Precision Devices Filters For 5G Millimeter-Wave

5G is a broad category of innovative technologies that will transform wireless communications. Knowles offers an array of 5G solutions for mobile, broadband, and wireless communications applications.

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Wireless Standards Poster

Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive poster incorporating the digital cellular standards across all bandwidths.

Featured Products And Services
Wi-Fi 6E, High-Power, WLAN Front-End Module: SKY85780-11

The SKY85780-11 is a highly integrated front-end module (FEM) incorporating a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) transmit/receive (T/R) switch, a high-gain low-noise amplifier (LNA) with bypass, and a power amplifier (PA) for high-power Wi-Fi 6E applications and systems.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
40 GHz Matrix Switch For SATCOM And Wireless 5G Signal Routing

The JFW Model 50MS-367 is a 4x4 blocking matrix switch designed to operate in the DC to 40 GHz frequency range and is ideally suited for SATCOM and wireless 5G signal routing applications.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
0.7 To 6 GHz, 16-Channel RF Distribution System: RFDS-16CH
AR offers the Model RFDS-16CH equipment package consisting of RF power amplifiers, an analog signal generator, a coupler, and power splitters providing 16 channels at more than 3W and up to 6 GHz. The equipment is housed in a 12U enclosure, and the AC mains power distribution and control is provided along with all the necessary interconnect cables.
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5G Network Filtering

As 5G trials progress, frequencies increase, and requirements for filtering grow, Corry Micronics has developed a variety of filtering solutions using different technologies. Corry Micronics offers an array of components for 5G network filtering applications.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
Thick Film Process Capabilities

MSI has been the leading manufacturer of precision high-reliability chip resistors for more than 30 years. MSI's products are designed for superior solder fillets for optimum performance in the area of stability, solderability, adhesion, power dissipation, and life.

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Mini-Systems, Inc.
5G Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed wireless access (FWA) is one of the early planned use cases for 5G deployment, offering a new wireless alternative for providing broadband to homes and businesses. Because this requires very high bandwidth, many solutions for FWA consider use of new millimeter-wave bands. This poses challenges for coverage, including increased path loss, weaker penetration through walls into the interiors of structures, and greater effects from shadowing of structures and trees on the outdoor propagation.

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Remcom, Inc.