Newsletter | November 5, 2019

11.05.19 -- Spotlight On Wireless Technology & 5G


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Featured Article
Components For 5G: What Is New?
By Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

With the next big step in mobile communication, 5G will introduce new RF techniques, new frequencies, and signal bandwidths. Ultimately, 5G new radio (5G NR) will bring higher speed, reduced latency, more capacity, and improved reliability. While the system parameters will change, the hardware to enable the new major step in mobile technology towards 5G NR will be different as well. New technologies will be deployed, and designs have to follow the new requirements.

Spotlight On Wireless Technology/5G
Wideband Integrated Upconverters And Downconverters Boost Microwave Radio Performance While Reducing Size
Application Note | By James Wong, Kasey Chatzopoulos, and Murtaza Thahirally, Analog Devices, Inc.

Analog Devices recently launched a pair of highly integrated microwave upconverter and downconverter chips operating over a wide frequency range with 50 Ω match from 24 GHz up to 44 GHz. 

COTS Software Defined Radio For 5G Development
Application Note | By Bob Muro, Pentek, Inc.

The latest SDR products offer SoC solutions with integrated I/O, ARM processors, and large FPGAs that include intellectual property (IP) for accessing, routing, and processing digital data. 

An Introduction To Programmable Attenuator Systems
Application Note | JFW Industries, Inc.

A programmable or step attenuator is externally controlled with maximum attenuation ranges from 0 dB to 127 dB, in steps as small as 0.1 dB. This app note discusses key components in a programmable attenuator system, as well as the best choices for general applications.

Making 5G Work: Accelerating Testing Across The Workflow To Put 5G Devices In The Hands Of Customers
White Paper | Keysight Technologies

5G represents an exponential increase in technical complexity with challenges coming from 5G new radio (NR), massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO), millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies, and over-the-air (OTA) test methods. 

Introduction To ANSYS 5G Antenna Solutions
White Paper | ANSYS, Inc.

This white paper addresses the complexity of designing various points in 5G systems and discusses possible solutions to design and simulate antenna systems, antenna-to-antenna coupling, environmental effects on signal propagation, and V2V/V2X communication.

Coverage Mapping With Anritsu’s Field Master Pro MS2090A And NEON Signal Mapper MA8100A Solutions
Application Note | Anritsu Company

This application note discusses how the Anritsu Field Master Pro MS2090A RF spectrum analyzer is leading the way for next-gen test equipment designed to meet the needs of technologies used in 5G networks while maintaining support for all requirements of today’s wireless industries. 

4 Things To Know About Antenna Tuning In 4G/5G Smartphones
Article | Qorvo

Current trends in smartphone industrial design and RF requirements mean that smartphones must fit more antennas into less space and/or increase the bandwidth of existing antennas. This article introduces four key elements to understand about antenna tuning in 4G and 5G mobile devices.

Featured Multimedia
High-Power Switch For 5G Macro Stations Introduced By Skyworks

Skyworks supports multiple facets of infrastructure, including 5G, macro stations, massive MIMO, small cells, and more. Here at our first day at IMS, Tim Kirstein and Thomas Valencia from Skyworks introduces their new SKY12245 high-power switch specifically designed for 5G macro station applications.

Millimeter-Wave Filtering For 5G Applications

Tim Brauner of Knowles Precision Devices (DLI) introduces their Ka-band frequency filters and other custom designs to help solve these filtering challenges.

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Solutions For 5G And Millimeter-Wave Applications Brochure

KRYTAR offers a wide range of products covering DC to 67.0 GHz frequencies for emerging designs and test measurement applications in 5G and millimeter-wave networks. KRYTAR’s broadband design expertise delivers unique new designs to consistently introduce technologically advanced products with superior electrical performance and ruggedness. Types of available products include directional couplers, power dividers, hybrid couplers, and beamforming products.

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