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05.26.20 -- Spotlight On Wireless Backhaul | Who's Looking Out For Your Spectrum?

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Spotlight On Wireless Backhaul
Who’s Looking Out For Your Spectrum?

As the number of participants in communication systems increases, so does the noise level. To be heard, you either increase your volume, request them to repeat themselves, or wait for a quiet period. These basic principles form the building blocks of the wireless world we find ourselves in.

5G Manufacturer Reduces Test Time By 20X

Manufacturing multi-antenna, high-frequency 5G transceivers requires rapidly testing large transceiver arrays at millimeter-wave frequencies over-the-air. This case study details how a company adopted a distributed test architecture to significantly increase manufacturing speed and improve asset utilization.

Design And Assessment Of A 5G Base Station Using Massive MIMO For Fixed Wireless Access

This webinar demonstrates how modeling and simulation can be used to assist system designers, first in the design of a complex antenna array for a base station, and then to assess its potential performance in the field.  

Best Practices To Accelerate 5G Base Station Deployment: Your RF Front-End Massive MIMO Primer

New 5G network architectures incorporating massive MIMO antennas are pushing always-on connectivity to the outer edges of the cellular network. This article covers everything to know about the fundamentals of the RF front-end in the massive MIMO base station.

Product Catalog: Electronic Package Division

Mini-Systems, Inc. offers microelectronic package solutions in sizes and configurations for virtually any application. We deliver high-quality products at a competitive price and on time. Our 20+ years of packaging experience allows us to understand your requirements quickly and accurately.

mMIMO Enables 5G, GaN On SiC Enables mMIMO

While MIMO typically uses two or more transmitters and receivers to send and receive more data at once, Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (mMIMO) extends that concept by significantly increasing the number of antennas on a single array. 

Next-Generation Wi-Fi: 6 GHz Is On The Horizon

An understanding of Wi-Fi 6 certification, as well as regulation of the 6 GHz band, is critical for companies seeking to capitalize on next-gen Wi-Fi.

A Classic LNA Design Challenge: Meeting The Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service (SDARS) LNA Specification

This article focuses on a high-volume application: the multi-stage LNA associated with the SDARS radio capability included with millions of new cars every year. It requires a cascade of multiple high-performance amplifiers and filters to meet a very difficult set of requirements.

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Efficient Antenna Design Process For Wireless, Wearable, And Implantable Devices

C.J. Reddy from Altair talked to us today about efficient antenna design processes for wireless, wearable, and implantable devices using Altair FEKO simulation software. Check out the video for the advantages in using simulation software with as low computational electromagnetics (CEM) as possible when modeling devices to work well while in contact with the human body.

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HUBER+SUHNER Antennas Brochure

HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces an extensive portfolio of directional and omni-directional antennas for a wide range of indoor and outdoor wireless connections.

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Advanced 14nm 2x2 Mobile Connectivity SoC For Wi-Fi 6 And Bluetooth 5.1
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World’s Smallest OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator)
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Rakon Limited
X-Band, GaN SSPA Block Up Converter (BUC): Taurus-X Line
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0.5% Precision Pulse Power Sensor
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Six-Channel Digital Pulse/Delay Generator
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Wireless Network Surveillance System
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