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05.09.19 -- Spotlight On Wireless Backhaul

Spotlight On Wireless Backhaul
Connectivity For Next-Generation Mobility
White Paper | TE Connectivity

Powertrain electrification and automation are the key technology drivers that will ultimately lead to a new generation of all-electric, fully autonomous vehicles. This white paper describes TE Connectivity’s vision for the next generation of mobility and its impact on vehicle architectures.

Alleviating RF Transmit Signal Corruption In Wireless Data Systems
White Paper | Guerrilla RF

High-speed wireless data systems can experience RF transmit signal corruption that limits the power level a wireless data device can put out at its antenna. To achieve the best possible range coverage area, one needs to maximize RF transmit power. 

Wireless InSite 3D Wireless Prediction Software
Product | Remcom

Wireless InSite is a suite of ray-tracing models and high-fidelity EM solvers for the analysis of site-specific radio wave propagation and wireless communication systems. The RF propagation software provides predictions of EM propagation and communication channel characteristics.

The Importance Of Filters In Point-To-Point Microwave Cellular Backhaul Networks
Application Note | Anatech Electronics Inc.

To satisfy backhaul demand and maintain high data rates without holes in coverage, wireless carriers are adding large numbers of micro and pico cells to fill in the gaps in conjunction with traditional macro cells. 

On-Board Optical Broadband Networks: The Revolution With Fiber Optics
White Paper | HUBER+SUHNER

This white paper examines how fiber optic technology has been adapted to the requirements of railway vehicles and how it is now ready to support the industry’s new business strategies better than any other physical layer medium.

Introduction To The FlexPort Mobile Backhaul Platform
White Paper | BridgeWave Communications

The evolution of networks to 4G has created new challenges for operators, such as the growth of base station capacities putting extra demands on backhaul networks. This paper introduces FlexPort Mobile Backhaul Platform solutions that look forward to 4G while supporting existing access technologies.

Introduction To A High-Efficiency, High-Density, Switched Capacitor Converter For High-Power Applications
Application Note | By Jian Li, Jeff Zhang, Ya Liu, and Marvin Macairan, Analog Devices, Inc.

The LTC7820 is a fixed ratio, high-voltage, high-power switched capacitor controller that yields small and cost-effective solutions for high-power, non-isolated intermediate bus applications with fault protection. This application note discusses the LTC7820 in detail and how it is used in these high-power applications.

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