Newsletter | November 10, 2020

11.10.20 -- Spotlight On Waveguides | FPGAs + SDR Systems

Spotlight On Waveguides
Simulating A Beam Scanning, Substrate Integrated Waveguide, Leaky Wave Antenna In XFdtd

In this example, XFdtd is used to simulate the performance of a substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) leaky wave antenna with transverse slots.

Introduction To Waveguide Connectors And Uni-Guide

The waveguide, along with the coaxial line, is one of the most important transmission media in any modern RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave component, subassembly, and system. In mmWave bands, it is especially true that the waveguide is widely used, and engineers will pay high attention to loss. 

Putting FPGAs To Work In Software Radio Systems

This handbook introduces the basics of FPGA technology and its relationship to SDR (software-defined radio) systems. A review of Pentek’s GateFlow FPGA Design Resources is followed by a discussion of features and benefits of FPGA-based DDCs.

Overview Of Tests On Radar Systems And Components

This application note demonstrates how to use the Rohde & Schwarz radar product portfolio to tackle test and measurement tasks in modern radar technology. The idea is to become familiar with radar issues as well as learn how to solve certain test and measurement tasks.

HF Radio Family For Stationary And Shipborne Communications

The R&S M3SR Series 4100 of HF software defined radios (SDR) that extends the popular R&S M3SR radio family to include the HF frequency range. It supports frequency hopping and provides interoperability with the R&S M3TR family of tactical radios in all of the HF operating modes.

Air Traffic Control Radar Products

CPI offers components for many ground-based radar systems and air traffic control (ATC) systems including S-band, GaN, high-power transmitters; S-band, GaN, high-power SSPAs; X-band, GaN, high-power SSPAs; magnetrons; receiver protectors; and limiters.

Symmetrical Dual-Mode Resonator Filters

Dielectric Laboratories' symmetrical dual-mode resonator filters have demonstrated capability of high frequency filter designs.

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Featured Multimedia
Challenges With Millimeter-Wave, High-Power Amplifiers

Wrapping up the show here at IMS 2019, Mike Lee of dB Control addresses some of the challenges that engineers face when looking for millimeter-wave high-power amplifiers. These challenges can include acquiring higher frequencies, higher broadband capabilities, smaller sizes, and more.

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AR Radiated Immunity Systems Catalog

AR offers a variety of fully integrated test systems for any testing application from DC to 50 GHz. These radiated immunity systems are capable of testing to various standards, including IEC 61000, MIL-STD 461, DO-160, wireless, automotive, HIRF, and HERO.

Featured Products And Services
High-Power Switch LNA Module

Qorvo offers the QPB9314 highly integrated front-end module with operation in the 2.3 to 2.7 GHz frequency range ideally suited for TDD base station, wireless infrastructure, and macro or picocell base station applications. This LNA module integrates RF functional blocks such as a pin-diode-based high-power switch along with two LNA stages.

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C-Band To X-Band Low Noise Amplifier

The HILNA CX from NuWaves is a low-noise, broadband amplifier operating in the C-band to X-band frequency range for many applications including those with wideband front-end modules, high-performance receivers, high-gain blocks, transmit drivers, repeaters, base station LNAs, and more.

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NuWaves Engineering
95 dB Step Attenuators For Automated Wi-Fi 6E Testing

JFW’s 50PA-1183-XX and 50BA-048-95 are two attenuator assembly models designed to help automate Wi-Fi 6E testing. Both models use 0 to 95 dB x 1 dB step attenuators that operate 0.2 to 8 GHz, and feature Ethernet and serial remote control with a command set that is script friendly.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Standard Gain Horn Antenna 1.12 GHz To 1.70 GHz

The Standard Gain Horn Antennas are designed specifically for utilization in emissions and immunity testing over the frequency range of 1 to 40 GHz. Each antenna is linearly polarized and has medium gain, low VSWR, and a constant antenna factor. The Standard Gain Horn performance is very precise and predictable through design parameters.

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A.H. Systems