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07.09.19 -- Spotlight On The IoT | The Week In 5G

From The Editor
The Week in 5G: 7/8/2019 — London’s 5G Rollout Seemingly Successful, Trump Yields to Huawei, SK Telecom Eyes 6G Future
By Ed Biller

Also, the UK's other telecoms rush to catch up to EE, the Philippines claims the first commercially available 5G internet in Southeast Asia, the U.S. FCC mulls its mid-band spectrum auction plans, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G

Featured Article
The Future Of IoT Will Require LTE Connectivity
By Sri Sridharan, Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

As the promise of a wirelessly connected world becomes a reality, there is a growing need for LTE technologies that address low cost, long battery life, security, and reduced complexity — all critical components for IoT.

Spotlight On Internet of Things
Introduction To Specifying RF/Microwave Power Amplifiers For EMC Testing
Application Note | AR

Historically, amplifier selection for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing was based mainly on tribal knowledge and information scattered across the EMC industry. This application note provides the EMC test engineer or technician with the information necessary to make the proper decision.

Seven Essentials For Rugged Connectors In Instrumentation Applications
White Paper | By Earl Kneessi, Fischer Connectors

The use of measuring devices to monitor and control processes is critical for the smooth operation of large systems and is an integral part to the future of the IoT. This white paper presents seven considerations to keep in mind for engineering rugged connector solutions for the IoT.

An Introduction To Programmable Attenuator Systems
Application Note | JFW Industries, Inc.

A programmable or step attenuator is externally controlled with maximum attenuation ranges from 0 dB to 127 dB, in steps as small as 0.1 dB. This app note discusses key components in a programmable attenuator system, as well as the best choices for general applications.

Optimize Beamforming: From Bits To RF Beams
Application Note | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

To achieve accurate, reliable, and efficient beamforming, it is necessary to understand and compensate for the nonlinear behavior of RF components. This app note covers the benefits of Rohde & Schwarz’s portfolio of conducted and OTA test solutions and how they help to optimize beamforming.

Choosing The Right Route To Low-Power Cellular IoT: User Guide To Simplifying LTE-M/NB-IoT Design Projects
White Paper | By Jonathan Kaye, Laird Connectivity

Cellular transformation is underway in the medical and industrial space with the push for low-power cellular networks such as LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT. These technologies are unleashing a new wave of IoT devices that drastically reduce cost and operate for years on a single battery. But that’s just the start. 

VSWR Explained
White Paper | A.H. Systems

This white paper offers a brief overview on the history of VSWR, as well an introduction on short-circuit and open-circuit termination and the creation of standing waves.

Optimizing Battery Life And Reliability: Quartz Crystals For IoT And Wearable Devices
White Paper | By Warren Guthrie, Abracon Corporation

This white paper presents a technique using quartz crystals mated with energy-saving low-power SoCs for reducing oscillator power consumption while achieving optimal oscillation margin. The paper also demonstrates measurements and key principles for designing reliable and low-power oscillators.

Understanding The Basics Of MIMO Communication Technology
White Paper | Southwest Antennas

MIMO technology is ideal for communications applications where clear line of sight is harder to achieve, and the abundance of RF and microwave systems can pose interference issues. This paper covers a range of basics of MIMO communications for readers of all technical levels.

Wi-Fi Equipment Front-End Solutions
Brochure | Qorvo

Qorvo offers a portfolio of leading products designed for the most efficient Wi-Fi solutions and for providing reliable coverage in the smallest form factors with the most updated standards. Products include customer premises equipment (CPE), enterprise systems, and components for Internet of Things (IoT).


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Featured Multimedia
End-To-End RF Over Fiber Connectivity Solution Demonstration

Mike Bitting of HUBER+SUHNER demonstrates their end-to-end RF over fiber connectivity solution on the floor of the show. This solution stands out in its combination of optics with RF components, making a customized solution for a variety of applications including satellite ground station applications, RF test lab applications, or any application where long, obtrusive cables would be better suited to optical transitions.

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2019 Global Altair Technology Conference

Altair invites you to be part of the conversation with industry leaders and technology experts to discuss how new solutions are transforming design and decision making at the 2019 Global Altair Technology Conference.

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