Newsletter | May 7, 2019

05.07.19 -- Spotlight On Spectrum Monitoring & Management

  Military Space USA | June 11 To 12, 2019, LA

Bringing together 150 senior military, government, and industry senior representatives to discuss developments in the 4th domain, including how organizational efforts such as 'SMC 2.0' are facilitating and delivering the space supremacy that is demanded by the warfighter. Key topics include SATCOM, PNT, EO, COMSATCOM, Remote Sensing, Small Satellite Expansion, SSA, SST.

Spotlight On Spectrum Monitoring & Management
Low-Cost EMI Pre-Compliance Testing Using A Spectrum Analyzer
White Paper | Tektronix

This application note provides an overview of EMI compliance testing, pre-compliance testing, and the measurement regulations. It also presents test setups using Tektronix's RSA306 and similar products used to perform both radiated and conducted emission measurements.

Spectrum Monitoring Techniques
White Paper | Anritsu Company

Spectrum monitoring can be used to ensure that RF communications for both civilian and defense applications work well. This paper will help in understanding the trade-offs in monitoring spectrum, as well as how to set up an analyzer for each situation.

Is Your Spectrum Monitoring Tool Prepared For Modern Communication Technologies?
Article | Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation

Radio frequency (RF) spectrum is one of the most sought-after resources in the world. In the U.S., public spectrum auctions by the government generate billions of dollars for the right to utilize spectrum bands. 

Advanced Spectrum Logging
Application Note | Bird

Troubleshooting an RF interface requires the use of a spectrum analyzer where the user must be watching the screen to witness the interference. This application note presents the rack-mount SignalHawk™ spectrum analyzer with advanced spectrum logging (ASL) as a solution to this problem.

Evolution Of The Modern Receiver In A Crowded Spectrum Environment
White Paper | By Darren McCarthy, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Unencumbered access to spectrum has been, and continues to be, critical to many government and commercial systems. As existing RF systems evolve and new communication systems are deployed, the need for additional spectrum bandwidth continues to grow. 

Expand Your Spectrum Monitoring Capability With Affordable Performance
Application Note | Signal Hound

This paper provides an overview of the most common spectrum monitoring applications, and a review of the key requirements used to determine which spectrum analyzer meets their objectives. 

The Journey Of A Signal: Optimize Your Signal Analysis Measurements
White Paper | Keysight Technologies

What happens to the signal of your device once it enters the signal analyzer? This white paper walks through the high-level design of a signal analyzer and how this knowledge can be used to avoid mistakes and make optimum measurements.

Spectrum Monitoring And Interference Analysis Using NI PXI
Case Study | National Instruments (NI)

Interference has unfortunately become much more prevalent with an increasing number of transmitters coming on the air. Wireless service providers use spectrum analyzers to monitor their channels, frequencies, and adjacent spectrums to reveal the interfering signals. 

Development Tactics And Techniques For Small Form Factor RF Signal Recorders
White Paper | By Chris Tojeira, Pentek, Inc.

This paper describes the engineering considerations and design techniques used to develop a small form factor rugged recorder that can handle the extremely high data rates associated with very wide bandwidth RF signal recording. 


June 24th and 25th 2019 | Arlington, VA

With the U.S. Army and Marine Corps in the midst of an enormous modernization effort, in line with the creation of U.S. Army Futures Command and the DoD Close Combat Lethality Task Force, join us at Future Soldier Technology USA — the only conference dedicated to soldier and marine modernization in North America!

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Applications Of “Pocket-Sized” VNAs

John Schultz with Compass Technology discusses the applications and capabilities of USB vector network analyzers and “pocket-sized” VNAs from Copper Mountain Technology for materials testing.

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5G Extreme Performance RF Interconnects Brochure

SV Microwave offers millimeter-wave coaxial assemblies and connectors for 5G mobile comms development and production. These high frequency push-on and threaded RF connectors offer industry signal fidelity at 5G frequencies and unique packaging designs for high-density requirements.

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