Newsletter | May 21, 2019

05.21.19 -- Spotlight On Sensors | IoT Standards

Spotlight On Sensors
IoT Standards: The End Game
Article/Paper | By Cees Links, Qorvo

It can be confusing to try to pick standards while waiting for 5G or NB-IoT deployments. This article answers the question of which standards are best to use and looks ahead at the future of wireless technologies to help gain a better perspective as to where things are headed.

The Role Of Sensors For The Connected Car
White Paper | By John Ennin and Thorsten Munzig, TE Connectivity

This white paper covers relevant trends and examples of innovative automotive sensors that support closed-loop control functions in exhaust gas after-treatment, transmission, and battery monitoring.

Low-Cost K-Band Doppler Radar Sensor For Traffic Control Applications
Application Note | Ducommun Inc.

This application note describes the short-range K-band Doppler radar sensor's concept and design, and how it makes a good fit for high-volume, low-cost production.

Electromagnetic Design And Analysis Of Sensors
Article | CST of America, Inc.

Many sensor applications rely heavily on the electromagnetic field and its accurate measurements. This article walks through the use of the CST STUDIO SUITE in virtual prototyping, field visualization, optimization, and modeling and CAD data import.

Considerations For Connector Design In Mobile And Patient-Worn Medical Devices
White Paper | By Patrick Kinyanjui, Fischer Connectors

This white paper discusses the rising need for mobile and patient-worn devices, and offers recommendations on the proper approach to designing interconnect solutions for these applications.

How To Digitalize Effectively For IoT
White Paper | Altair Engineering Inc

Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to mature and organizations across many sectors are facing the challenges of scaling up from small, trial deployments and proof of concepts into mainstream, high-volume consumer deployments.

Extending The Range Of A Low-Power UAV Radio
Article/Paper | NuWaves Engineering

Low-power UAV radio systems, though designed for short distance communications, can be an inexpensive and reliable means of communications over greater distances – especially when the application is small UAS platforms.

D-TA Systems
Brochure | D-TA Systems Inc.

D-TA Systems develops and manufactures a variety of sensor systems ideally suited for demanding EW/ISR applications. Their products may also be used for signal intelligence, radar, EW simulation, electronic attack, sonar, and sonobuoy processing applications. 

  International Fighter USA

July 29 to 31, 2019 | Washington, DC

The International Fighter USA Team has developed an agenda that will give you powerful outlines and solutions to current issues that the U.S. and our international allies are facing in advancing to sixth-generation fighters. Topics include fighter operations, developing and implementing supporting systems, connecting advanced technologies and preparing for next-generation fighters, and more.

Featured Multimedia
Virtual Drive Testing For ADAS Radar Sensors And Communication Antennas

This webinar will show how WinProp considers the full environment including buildings, cars, street objects in order to get accurate representations of the radio waves impinging on the installed car antennas and the multipath radar channels including reflections, diffractions, and scattered contributions. For efficient analysis, the car objects can also be replaced by their corresponding radar cross sections pre-calculated in Altair Feko™.

Bulletin Board
AR 50-Year Anniversary

AR has been bringing the RF and microwave industry new amplifier technologies for a half a century!

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