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12.10.19 -- Spotlight On RFICs & MMICs | Utilizing Modern MPMs

  Annual Radio And Wireless Week Joins ARFTG

January 26 to 28, 2020, San Antonio, TX

RWW2020 will be held at Grand Hyatt San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas, 26 – 29 January 2020. The venue is located in the second-most populous city in both Texas and the Southern USA, enjoys easy access to numerous attractions, celebrated restaurants, award-winning local craft breweries, specialty shops, pro sports, cultural museums, top entertainment and unlimited outdoor recreation, San Antonio is a great location for an event like RWW. A listing of things to do in the Riverwalk area can be found at the Visit San Antonio website.

Featured Article
Utilizing Modern Day MPMs For High-Power And High-Efficiency
By Jose Gonzales, dB Control

The first MPM, developed in the early 1990s, used a solid-state driver amplifier, based on MMICs or discrete RF power transistors, to drive a mini traveling-wave tube (mini-TWT), and combined these devices with a power supply and control circuits in a very compact enclosure.

Spotlight On RFICs & MMICs
Reliability Of GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC Technology On 100-mm 4H-SiC
White Paper | By Donald A. Gajewski, et al., Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

This paper reports the reliability performance of the Cree, Inc., GaN/AlGaN HEMT MMIC process technology, fabricated on 100 mm high purity semi-insulating (HPSI) 4H-SiC substrates. 

Design And Performance Of High-Efficiency, Ka-band GaN Power Amplifiers
White Paper | By Nicholas Estella, Edmar Camargo, James Schellenberg, and Lani Bui, QuinStar Technology, Inc.

This white paper reports the design and performance of state-of-the-art GaN MMICs and a fully packaged Ka-band SSPA. Incorporating harmonic tuning, the MMICs produce power levels up to 10 W CW with efficiencies in the high thirties (42% peak) at frequencies of 30 to 34 GHz. 

Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications
Article | By Minh Tran, Mini-Systems, Inc.

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

Using Broadband Bypass Capacitors For High Speed Optical And mmWave
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This article examines the use of broadband bypass capacitors for use in microwave and mmWave frequencies, especially those used in RF applications and optical communications.

Pentek Electonic Design eBook
E-Book | Pentek, Inc.

This eBook by Pentek focuses on RFSoC FPGA deployment strategies, since these products are powerful solutions for addressing the most demanding requirements of high-bandwidth and high-channel-count systems. .

Simplifying MIMO Antenna Installations With The FlexMIMO Antenna
Application Note | Laird Connectivity

A MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) antenna is basically two (or more) antennas located in a single physical structure. This application note takes a closer look at MIMO antenna installations and how they can be simplified with FlexMIMO antennas from Laird Connectivity.

V2X – An Important Building Block In Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)
White Paper | TE Connectivity

V2X technology is designed to be able to support autonomous driving and other cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). This white paper further discusses V2X and its importance in vehicle systems.

Measurement Of Beamforming Antenna In Transmit Mode
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This white paper describes the unique application of Rohde & Schwarz’s vector network analyzers to fully characterize the passive part of multi-element antennas intended for beamforming.

High Performance Solutions For Defense Applications

HUBER+SUHNER offers an array of high-performance solutions for a variety of military and defense applications.

  Mobile Deployable Communications
January 30 and 31, 2020 | Warsaw, Poland

With support from the Polish Armed Forces, the 13th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference will feature exclusive briefings from key regional partners and their international allies. The conference explores battlefield communications systems in the Central and Eastern European operational environment and their role in maximising operational effectiveness.
Most Popular News
Featured Multimedia
Custom MMIC Amplifier With World’s Best Noise Figure At 0.6 dB

Chris Gregoire from Custom MMIC introduces their ultra-low noise amplifier with the world’s best noise figure at 0.6 dB, and high gain capabilities for the best performance available.

Altair Acquires Polliwog Co. Ltd, Growing Software Toolset For Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

Altair has expanded into areas of systems simulation and electromagnetics. Altair’s Pollex PCB solvers and verification tools extend these capabilities into a new domain, allowing Altair to provide software for system-level design decisions.

Bulletin Board
The AR “Orange Book Of Knowledge” - 50th Anniversary Edition

The Orange Book of Knowledge (OBK) has grown into much more than we at AR could have ever imagined. For many engineers, this resource book has turned into the “go-to” source for everything and anything related to EMC.


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