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08.22.19 -- Spotlight On Radar Tech | Week In 5G

From The Editor
The Week in 5G: 8/20/2019 — Three’s 5G Broadband Live in the UK, Huawei 5G Phone On Sale in China, Qualcomm Heads To Russia
By Ed Biller

Plus, Huawei plants a flag in Greece, the U.S. retains an exemption to its ban on the company, Russia sets aside mid-band spectrum for defense use, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G. 

Featured Article
Antenna Factor Calculations And Deviations
By A.H. Systems

In recent years, the use of a term call "Antenna Factor" in EMC and spectrum pollution work has become very important. There has been a great need for measuring field intensity and/or power density as accurately and conveniently as possible.

Spotlight On Radar Technology
Utilizing Modern Day MPMs For High Power And High Efficiency
White Paper | By Jose Gonzales, dB Control

The first MPM, developed in the early 1990s, used a solid state driver amplifier, based on MMICs or discrete RF power transistors, to drive a mini traveling-wave tube (mini-TWT) and combined these devices with a power supply and control circuits in a very compact enclosure.

Constellation Diagrams: The Fault In Our Stars
Article | NuWaves Engineering

Constellation diagrams are 2D graphical representations of digitally modulated signals.  They are used for the display and analysis of digitally modulated waveforms and provide valuable insight into the performance of a digital communication system.

Radar Waveforms For A&D And Automotive Radar
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This white paper provides a more detailed view on radar waveforms for aerospace and defense and commercial radar systems. Waveforms such as pulse and pulse-Doppler signal, continuous wave, and frequency shift keying waveforms are described. 

Implications Of Using kW Level GaN Transistors In Radar And Avionic Systems
White Paper | By: Daniel Koyama, Apet Barsegyan, and John Walker, Integra Technologies, Inc.

This white paper examines the effect of using normal Class A/B bias for kW-level GaN and LDMOS transistors used in radar and avionic systems.

Advanced Radar Analysis Tools For Measuring Modern Radars
Application Note | Tektronix

In this application note, Tektronix discusses how its portfolio of test equipment reduces testing uncertainty in the design process and delivers confidence in the integrity of increasingly complex radar designs.

Performing L- And S-Band Pulsed Radar Testing At 600 V/m
Application Note | AR

This application note delves into the test specifications (from General Motors and Ford) for testing automobiles that may be exposed to an L-band or S-band radar pulse and introduces testing instrumentation to help address those testing requirements.

Aircraft Radome Characterization via Multiphysics Simulation
Article | Altair Engineering Inc

This white paper covers the material characterization and optimization of a radar dome (radome) build out of carbon and fiberglass. Also discussed is the design and optimization of a radar antenna and the simulation of a radar integrated behind the radome and wing structure.

Considerations When Choosing An RF Power Amplifier
White Paper | Corry Micronics, Inc.

This white paper talks about the important operating parameters to consider when choosing an amplifier, from operating efficiency and output power level to linearity and mismatch tolerance.


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Featured Multimedia
Strategies For Deploying RFSoC Technology For SIGINT And Radar Applications

RFSoC technology has revolutionized the FPGA chip landscape by including on-chip A/D and D/A functionality and ARM processors in addition to the already expansive FPGA and processing resources available for custom applications. This webinar discusses how RFSoC offers a powerful and unique solution for addressing some of the most demanding requirements of high-bandwidth and high-channel-count systems.

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Solid State, High-Power RF And Microwave Amplifiers Catalog

Empower RF Systems delivers solid state, high-power RF amplifier systems for defense, commercial, and industrial market applications. These amplifiers offer the best-in-class SWaP, industry-first scalable pulsed power, reconfigurable software, remote control, and multifunction building block modules.

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Electronic Warfare And Direct Energy Weapons
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PLL OCXO With Multi-Output Frequency References
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400 W LDMOS Transistor For S-Band Radar
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