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01.06.22 -- Spotlight On Radar And Antenna Solutions

Spotlight On Radar And Antenna Solutions
Out Of This World: Solid-State PAs Help Power Space Exploration

Observations run approximately 6,500 hours each year and findings are used in chemistry, physics, radar receiving, and astronomy. Most notably, some discoveries are helping to prove Einstein’s general theory of relativity by examining the high masses and short rotation periods of pulsars. 

Know Today’s RF Filtering Trends To Better Meet The Needs Of Tomorrow’s RF Design Jobs

While all filters have the same basic job — remove unwanted or out-of-band signals — the specific job requirements of each filter vary depending on the RF architecture used and the needs of the final device.

A Simple Guide To Antenna Selection

Selecting an antenna for testing can sometimes be straightforward but often requires some specific consideration. This application note offers several simple guidelines for choosing the best antenna for your application.

Keeping On-Board Connectivity Fast With New Wi-Fi 6E Antennas

The rail passengers of today expect the same Wi-Fi connectivity on board as they do when relaxing at home. They want to work, communicate, or stream movies while traveling by train, causing more demand for higher data throughput rates.

Fundamentals Of Radome And Bumper Measurements Using The R&S QAR

Radome testing is a necessity, checking sensor components for radar compatibility. Previously, there were two methods used for testing. R&S introduces the R&S QAR as another solution. 

Industry Insights
The Polarization Loss Factor In Antenna Communication

Whenever there is a polarization mismatch in antennas, electromagnetic (EM) power is lost, which can result in faulty transmission and poor signal reception. The loss of EM power due to a polarization mismatch is defined by the polarization loss factor (PLF).

Full ESM/ELINT Capability For Small UAS

Leveraging existing and proven antenna technology, a highly innovative dual receiver architecture, and optimized multi-core software processing, D-TA has created a solution that weighs under 30 lbs., draws under 300 W power, and fulfills all mission requirements.

CPI Receiver Protector (RP) Selection Guide

CPI offers a wide range of solid state limiters, TR limiters, pre-TR limiters, Pre-TR tubes, TR tubes, ATR tubes, and multipactors. This guide offers general performance characteristics of products in each frequency band, and covers their many multi-function capabilities.

Most Popular News
Featured Multimedia
Webinar: XFdtd’s Schematic Editor For Matching Network & Corporate Feed Network Analysis

In this webinar, learn about XFdtd’s schematic editor and frequency-domain circuit solver for analyzing matching networks and corporate feed networks.

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GaN RF For Dummies: 2ND Qorvo Special Edition

Qorvo has written GaN Technology For Dummies to help you learn more about the basics of gallium nitride (GaN) in RF technology and how you can use GaN in your RF product designs.

Featured Products And Resources
2 GHz High-Performance Arbitrary Waveform Generator: Model 685

The Model 685 is an arbitrary waveform generator with flexibility, speed, and power levels that allow for a wide range of modulation and creator options. It can be used for generating a complex pulse train, a series of radar pulses, pulsed RF signals with impairments, Gaussian pulses, multi-level pulses, double pulses for IGBT/MOSFET experiments, or pulses for advanced research and quantum computing.

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
Surveillance/Jamming Antenna: SAS-326-10

The SAS-326-10 is a surveillance/jamming antenna designed to operate within the 30 MHz to 26 GHz frequency range, which allows for prosecution of a large portion of the RF spectrum. Constructed as a broadband dual band discone/bicone antenna, it is ideal for spectrum operations and spectrum management applications.

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Antenna Research Associates
SunAR Broadband Directional Antennas For Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Applications

SunAR, formerly Sunol Sciences Corporation, offers a family of directional antennas designed for transmitting and receiving wireless communications signals for broadband wireless, EMC testing, signal monitoring and detection, and MIMO applications. Each antenna features broadband characteristics and an innovative design enabling them to operate over wide frequency ranges.

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