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10.08.20 -- Spotlight On mmWave Technology | Week In 5G

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Spotlight On Millimeter-Wave Technology
Millimeter-Wave Technology Overview

The millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology market is on an upward trend, continuously adapting to new applications. This Q&A covers the basics of mmWave technology and presents what dB Control offers in this market.

On-Wafer Biasing Using Kelvin Bias Tees

The VectorStar ME7838x series of broadband systems covers a range of 70 kHz to 110/125/145/220 GHz. The distinctive architecture of the Anritsu NLTL millimeter-wave modules offers a DC path between the baseband VNA and the DUT through the module.

XFdtd Analyzes Complex Beam-Steering Antenna Arrays

In this article, Remcom demonstrates how XF’s superposition and array optimization features simplify the process for understanding device performance by providing efficient ways to validate array coverage.

Measurement Of Beamforming Antenna In Transmit Mode

This white paper describes the unique application of Rohde & Schwarz’s vector network analyzers to fully characterize the passive part of multi-element antennas intended for beamforming.

Tolerance And Size Analysis For Millimeter-Wave Filter Manufacturing

This white paper examines different 26 GHz filter manufacturing approaches with the specific design goals to better understand the importance of tolerance and size analysis.

Basics Of Design Raising The Levels Of 5G Millimeter-Wave Signals

This article examines the design challenges for practical millimeter-wave power amplifiers delivering the necessary power, linearity, and efficiency for future 5G networks.

The Advantages Of Using Computational Electromagnetics

Computational electromagnetics (CEM) tools allow for complex scenarios to be evaluated with high accuracy. This article discusses the advantages of CEM tools and common challenges of effectively incorporating them into simulations.

Millimeter-Wave Axial Choke Horn Antenna With Lens

Various applications exist in the millimeter-wave range, including wide-band telecommunication and imaging applications for security screening. This white paper demonstrates how an antenna was designed for communication at 60 GHz.

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Riding The Millimeter-Wave For EW And Countermeasures
There are always emerging threats in the defense sector, and a lot of it has to do with millimeter-wave type technology in electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasure, Satcom, and airborne data links. dB Control has designed and built millimeter-wave technologies to assist OEMs and better outcomes in defense applications.
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60 GHz Phased Array Antenna Design Using XFdtd For WiGig Application Presentation

In this presentation, Remcom discusses analyzing and optimizing an aperture coupled 1x4 patch antenna array with a compact, fan-shaped feeding network for operation in 60 GHz band using Remcom’s full-wave electromagnetic simulation product, XFdtd. We also demonstrate superposition and antenna array optimization. 

Featured Products And Services
Advanced Rigid Substrates For HF Applications, Ultra-Thin Build-Ups, And Chip Packages

DYCONEX, an MST company, offers an advanced rigid multilayer substrate material permitting ultra-thin build-ups for various high frequency applications, particularly suitable for HF chip packaging.

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Micro Systems Technologies
Electro-Mechanical Coaxial Switch
JFW’s Model 50S-1770+XX-TTL is a 50-Ohm, electro-mechanical, 1P2T RF switch designed for operating in applications from DC to 40 GHz with 2.9 mm female RF connectors. This RF switch is latching type and absorptive (i.e. self-terminating), and the latching design means there will always be one RF path set.
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JFW Industries, Inc.
Solutions For 5G And Millimeter-Wave Applications

KRYTAR offers a range of products covering DC to 67.0 GHz frequencies. KRYTAR's broadband design expertise delivers unique new designs to consistently introduce technologically advanced products with superior electrical performance and ruggedness. 

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Spatium SSPA Technology

Qorvo’s offers patented Spatium RF power combining technology to provide a highly reliable, efficient alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) for commercial and defense communications, radar, electronic warfare (EW), and other defense systems. 

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