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04.27.21 -- Spotlight On mm-Wave Tech | mm-Wave 5G Design Trends

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Spotlight On Millimeter-Wave Technology
Wideband Millimeter-Wave Signal Generation And Analysis

Multiple instruments are required to generate wideband digital modulated signals found in the V-band and above. This app note describes how to use R&S products for V-band signal generation and analysis up to 500 MHz modulation bandwidth and how to expand modulation bandwidth up to 2 GHz. 

Utilizing Pulse Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers

Pulse traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs) offer a cost-effective source of high RF power for applications in which only a low to moderate RF duty cycle is required. A typical application is electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) RF pulse susceptibility testing. 

RF To Millimeter-Wave Front-End Component Design Trends For 5G Communications

RF front-end architectures grow more complex with each generation of communication systems. To accommodate these architectures, more densification and miniaturization is taking place with electronic systems implemented through innovations in system-in-package (SiP) design. 

Introduction To Waveguide Connectors And Uni-Guide

The waveguide, along with the coaxial line, is one of the most important transmission media in any modern RF, microwave, and mm-wave component, subassembly, and system. In mm-wave bands, it is especially true that the waveguide is widely used, and engineers will pay high attention to loss. 

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Millimeter-Wave Technology Overview

The millimeter-wave (mmWave) technology market is on an upward trend, continuously adapting to new applications. This Q&A covers the basics of mmWave technology and presents what dB Control offers in this market.

Why GaN Is 5G’s Super ‘Power’: A Series

While some feel GaN is still a relatively new technology, many can't dispute how it's advanced to the head of the class. Gallium nitride is a technology on the cusp of dethroning silicon LDMOS, which has been the material of choice in high-power applications.

RF Filtering For 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications

This white paper discusses millimeter-wave (mmWave) 5G communications. The paper also offers a guide for available RF filtering options at these frequencies, reviews mmWave frequencies and their applications, and covers what filtering technologies will be available for use at mmWave frequencies.

Advanced Rigid Substrates For HF Applications, Ultra-Thin Build-Ups, And Chip Packages

DYCONEX offers an advanced rigid multilayer substrate material permitting ultra-thin build-ups for various applications, particularly suitable for HF chip packaging. The material delivers low dielectric properties (low Dk and low Df), a low thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) and high dielectric strength. 

Dual Isolated Thin Film Networks - MSIR3 Series

The MSIR series dual isolated chip resistor offers greater flexibility for the hybrid designer seeking resistor pairs with excellent T.C.R./T.C. tracking between resistors

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Riding The Millimeter-Wave For EW And Countermeasures

There are always emerging threats in the defense sector, and a lot of it has to do with millimeter-wave type technology in electronic warfare (EW), electronic countermeasure, Satcom, and airborne data links. dB Control has designed and built millimeter-wave technologies to assist OEMs and better outcomes in defense applications.

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Solutions For 5G And mmWave Applications

KRYTAR offers a range of products covering DC to 67.0 GHz frequencies. KRYTARs broadband design expertise delivers unique new designs to consistently introduce technologically advanced products with superior electrical performance and ruggedness.

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Multiple Programmable Attenuation System For 5G Development And Testing: 50PA-1019-XX

JFW’s 50PA-1019-XX is a multiple programmable attenuator system designed for 5G development and testing. The system is configured with a selection of 1 to 16 solid state programmable attenuators. With features including an attenuation range of 0 to 62 dB in 1 dB increments and 50 Ohms of nominal impedance, the system is ideal for applications in the 100 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
6.0 To 18.0 GHz CW Traveling Wave Tube

CPI offers a 6.0 to 18.0 GHz CW traveling wave tube (TWT) with power output from 20 to 100 W. It is ideally designed for use in fixed or mobile applications. Custom variations in performance and configuration include mechanical configurations, electrical and RF configurations, and dual-stage depressed collectors.

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Communications & Power Industries
High Shock Resistance, Through-Hole Tuning Fork Crystals: M1380 And M1381 Series

The M1380 and M1381 Series with high shock resistance are through-hole tuning fork crystals designed for applications requiring a wide temperature range and high shock performance. Parts may be processed with wave or re-low soldering. Applications include avionics controls, satellite communications, defense, airborne equipment, and other industrial applications.

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