Newsletter | March 17, 2022

03.17.22 -- Spotlight on Military, Defense, & Aerospace Solutions

Spotlight On Military, Defense & Aerospace Solutions
Unique mmWave Designs And Customized Products For Satcom, Radar, EW, And ECM Systems

Systems operating in the Ka-band, Q-band, and other high-frequency bands present more significant SWaP-C challenges than systems operating at lower frequencies, demanding more expertise from component designers.

Wideband Integrated Upconverters, Downconverters Boost Microwave Radio Performance While Reducing Size

Analog Devices launched a pair of highly integrated microwave upconverter and downconverter chips, the ADMV1013 and the ADMV1014, respectively. These ICs operate over a very wide frequency range with 50 Ω match from 24 GHz up to 44 GHz and can support more than 1 GHz instantaneous bandwidth.

Facts About Noise Figure In 5G And Defense Systems

System designers are always looking for simple solutions for their complex system designs. This article is a practical guide to reducing design complexity while meeting those tough noise figure requirements for 5G infrastructure, defense, and aerospace applications.

Radar Waveforms For Aerospace and Defense, Automotive Radar

This white paper provides a detailed review of radar waveforms for aerospace, defense, and commercial radar systems, as well as commercial radar sensors such as those used in automotive safety applications. Waveforms such as pulse and pulse-Doppler signal, continuous wave, and frequency shift keying waveforms are described.

Fully Digital Beamforming – An Excellent Option For Emerging Military Applications

Initial large-scale active electronically scanned arrays (AESAs) aren’t as convenient as the operational frequencies for many military applications increase. But fully digital beamforming can bring many benefits to several emerging military applications, especially those in the electronic warfare space.

Industry Insights
Quartz Crystal Based Oscillators: Low Phase Noise Characteristics

This white paper discusses measuring techniques for expressing oscillator phase noise, the benefits of using crystal oscillators for clean signals, and how to use crystal oscillators to improve sensitivity in measurement systems.

GaN Solutions: Small Packages For Big Radar Challenges

The technology enabling AESA radar systems must offer significant benefits in terms of SWaP-C improvements. Herein, we discuss how gallium nitride (GaN) helps radar designers overcome challenges of power, cooling, weight, and size with cost-effectiveness.

SOSA And VITA: Working Together For Next-Gen Defense Systems

This article provides an overviews of the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) and VMEbus International Trade Association (VITA) organizations, including their challenges, successful strategies, and illustrative examples.

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Featured Multimedia
IA-3 Colibrì UAS
The IA-3 Colibrì is a micro-RPAS (remotely piloted aerial system) intended to perform surveillance and reconnaissance by military and law enforcement agencies, as well as environmental monitoring and search and rescue missions in urban environments, due to its ability to quietly hover in place and use a camera to observe people and objects on the ground.
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Booster Amplifiers 101
AR Modular RF believes the best technology is that which users do not even know exists. Offering nearly invisible turnkey and plug-and-play operation, AR Modular RF boosters function with just three connections: DC power, RF radio link, and antenna.
Featured Products And Resources
High-End DoD Military Electronics Brochure

NuWaves is uniquely positioned to execute contract manufacturing needs for a number of applications utilizing high-end DoD military electronics. NuWaves captures the experience and knowledge of its design engineering personnel while exploiting the vast capabilities of its facilities to ensure that it produces quality, quick-turn, and on-time services. These capabilities are ideal for UAV/airborne, shipboard and ground stations, and high-end commercial and industrial markets.

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NuWaves Engineering
Extended Temperature, High Stability OCXO: XO517X Series

MtronPTI introduces the XO517X Series of extended temperature, high stability OCXOs designed to be used as timing references for use in extreme environments. This series of oscillators delivers excellent temperature stability of less than +/-1.0 ppb, over an operating temperature of -40°C to +90°C.

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Low Noise Amplifier: LNA-30-00104000-75-15P

The LNA-30-00104000-75-15P from L3 Harris Narda-Miteq is a low noise amplifier (LNA) that operates from 0.1 to 40 GHz. It provides a gain of more than 30 dB with a noise figure of 7.5 dB and a P1dB of over 15 dBm. The amplifier requires a supply of 15 V and consumes up to 500 mA of current.

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L3 Harris Technologies, Inc.
4-20 GHz Dual-Directional Coupler: Model 504020006
KRYTAR's Model 504020006 dual-directional coupler delivers 6 dB of coupling over the 4 GHz to 20 GHz range in a single compact and lightweight package. With a multipurpose stripline design, it is capable of monitoring forward and reflective power in power sampling and measurement, amplifier leveling, VSWR monitoring, field control, and amplifier load and protection applications.
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Electronic Countermeasure Solutions
Teledyne Defense Electronics is the proven source for mission-critical RF amplification. With over 50 years' leadership in improving TWT technologies, Teledyne provides multi-octave high-power TWTs that maximize operational efficiency for electronic warfare/electronic countermeasure (EW/ECM) systems.
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Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC
CPI Receiver Protector (RP) Selection Guide
CPI offers a wide range of solid-state limiters, TR limiters, pre-TR limiters, pre-TR tubes, TR tubes, ATR tubes, and multipactors. Benefits of these products include extensive high-power test capabilities, in-house environmental test facilities, and computer modeling and automatic test capabilities. This guide offers general performance characteristics of products in each frequency band and covers their many multifunction capabilities.
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Communications & Power Industries
Shielding Effectiveness Antenna Kit: AK-285R, AK-285T
These shielding effectiveness kits are a portable and economical approach to having all the antennas required for most shielding effectiveness testing.
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A.H. Systems