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05.07.20 -- Spotlight On Military Applications

Spotlight On Military Applications
Overcoming Radar Simulation System Challenges

Custom transmitters and receivers for radar simulation systems enable unique designs and allow designers to meet specifications unattainable using off-the-shelf components.

Using Radar Echo Generators

Radar testing is usually carried out in a lab as field testing can be expensive and particularly complicated with its setup and operation. This application note presents a solution for testing the complete radar system through the use of radar echo generators.

Understanding The Limitations Of Modern Military Radio Testbeds

Use of military radios has increased dramatically, as has the need to test those radios. In part, this increase stems from the advent of military-based communication applications like the land mobile radio system and tactical networks. 

Understanding Constellation Diagrams And How They Are Used

Constellation diagrams help determine whether a digitally modulated RF signal is behaving correctly and help troubleshoot underlying issues when it is not. This article discusses fundamentals of constellation diagrams and the uses of digital modulation schemes.

Multi-Stage Power Amplifier Reference Design Guide For Military Communications, Operating At 50 V And 100 W

Wolfspeed, a Cree company, has developed application fixtures for three catalogue devices—the CMPA0527005F, CGHV40030F, and the CGHV40100F—to cover 0.5 GHz to 2.5 GHz for electronic protect/jamming power amplifiers and other military communications applications.

TMD Electronic Warfare And Direct Energy Weapons Brochure
TMD has been involved for many years in all aspects of electronic warfare, directed energy weapons (DEW), and associated systems, where the generation of RF power is required. They offer an array of broadband, narrow band, CW, and pulsed systems with operative power ranging from watts to megawatts.
High-Performance Solutions For Defense Applications Brochure

HUBER+SUHNER offers an array of high-performance solutions for a variety of military and defense applications.

Why Predictability Matters In High-End PCB Manufacturing

Predictability is essential for PCB manufacturing. Without it, a product’s reliability cannot be assured. Conventional approaches to predictability often fall short. Inspection, for example, only reveals superficial flaws. Micro sectioning is destructive in nature and inadequate for complex PCBs with thousands of vias. 

Aerospace And Defense Solutions

Anokiwave provides mmWave products and technology for SATCOM, RADAR, EW, COMMs, and space applications. In addition to COTS parts, Anokiwave also provides multiple custom IC designs specifically for A&D and ITAR applications.

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Introduction Of AR Modular RF’s AR5000 Series

AR Modular RF’s AR-5000 Series comprises wideband, Class A/AB linear amplifiers designed for use with modern digital modulations. Engineered with a flexible system architecture, AR-5000 Series amplifiers are tailored to meet specific user needs over the frequency range of 80 kHz to 1000 MHz and power range of up to 1000 Watts CW and 4000 Watts peak. In this video, Joe Craig introduces the first model in the AR5000 series.

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Software-Defined Radio Handbook

Recently updated, this handbook shows how DDCs (digital downconverters), the fundamental building block of software radio, can replace legacy analog receiver designs while offering significant performance, density, and cost benefits.

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10 To 46 GHz Directional Coupler With 10 dB Coupling
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Thick Film Jumpers, Mounting Pads, And Kits
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Hermetically Sealed, Broadband LNAs For Space And Military Applications
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Advanced Miniature Military Connector Solutions: ODU AMC High-Density Series
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SAS-543 High-Power, Biconical Antenna
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125-Watts CW, 4 kHz To 400 MHz Solid State Amplifier
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Open-Architecture ELINT
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Integrated Microwave Assemblies (IMAs)
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Automatic Band-Switching RF Booster Amplifier For Tactical Radio
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