Newsletter | June 18, 2020

06.18.20 -- Spotlight On Medical Design | Week In 5G

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Spotlight On Medical Design
Medical Imaging Quality Starts By Selecting The Right Components

MRI machines use a strong magnetic field and computer-generated radio waves to produce cross-sectional images. Thus, the quality of the MRI depends on the uniformity of the magnetic field and the radio components inside it.

Using FEKO To Reduce Heating During MRI For Deep Brain Stimulation

Research at the Department of Medical Biophysics at the Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) aims to develop and demonstrate the application of new technologies for brain imaging. A recent project focused on developing ways to try and safely image patients with deep brain stimulation (DBS). 

Handling And Adjustment Of Integra Technologies GaN-on-SiC HEMT Evaluation Kits

Integra Technologies makes their GaN-on-SiC HEMT evaluation kits available for loan to their customers. This application note discusses how to properly handle and adjust these kits for optimal use in each application.

Ablation Anyone?

The key to addressing rising medical cost and paitent care is implementing non-invasive techniques that minimize hospitalizations and tissue damage while getting the patient on their feet as quickly as possible. Ablation has been very effective at meeting this challenge.

Ultra-Thin Base Materials Take PCB Miniaturization To The Next Level

New approaches are needed to meet demand for smaller, thinner electronic devices. Rigid and flexible ultra-thin base materials for PCBs can fill this need, but it’s important to collaborate with a manufacturer that has advanced engineering services to ensure a compact, cost-effective, reliable design.

Medical System Solutions

This brochure provides information on how HUBER+SUHNER’s line of cables and connectors can be used for integration into minimally invasive medical solutions, diagnostics, wireless patient monitoring, and radiation therapies.

Your Connectivity Primer: Solutions That Span The IoT Space

From smart homes to connected cars to the wireless infrastructure that manages it all — take a look at the mounting advancements in IoT and where new technologies come into play.

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Precision RF And Microwave Components

Anritsu's RF and microwave components offer high return loss connectors and cables, instrumentation grade adapters, precision terminations, measurement components, and accessories.

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Anritsu Company
700 – 960 MHz Amplifier Platform: AR-5000 Series

AR Modular RF has designed a series of wideband, class A/AB linear amplifier platform for use with modern digital modulations. This AR-5000 amplifier has a flexible system architecture which allows for rapid prototyping and quick-turn modifications as customer needs arise.

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AR Modular RF
100-Watt CW, 100 kHz To 1000 MHz, Solid State Amplifier: Model 100U1000

AR offers the Model 100U1000 self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, solid state amplifier ideal for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain and linearity are required. When used with an RF sweep generator, this amplifier will nominally provide over 100 watts of power. The device is also protected from RF input overdrive by an RF input leveling circuit, which controls the RF input level to the RF amplifier first stage when the RF input level is increased above 0 dBm.

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Pulsed Klystron Amplifier: VKS-8262

CPI Microwave Power Products (MPP) offers the VKS-8262 series of klystrons for use in particle accelerators for scientific, medical, and industrial applications. These klystrons provide up to 7.5 MW peak at 2.856 or 2.9985 GHz at various RF pulse lengths and duty. Versions are available with up to 36 kW of average output power at 2.856 GHz and 72 kW at 2.9985 GHz.

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Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
Custom High-Voltage Filtered Medical Connectors

By applying high-voltage resistive ink banding using a patented banding process, these medical connectors are able to withstand the 5,000 VDC hi-pot breakdown required for defibrillation monitoring and medical diagnostic equipment. 

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
Fischer Freedom Series LP360 Connectors For Medical Applications

The Fischer Freedom Series Fischer LP360 Connectors are designed for use in medical applications. Features include no key code, 360° mating freedom, bob-magnetic quick-release locking, cleanable plug and receptacle, MOLLE compatibility, and an IP68 seal to 20m/24h.

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Fischer Connectors