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05.30.19 -- Spotlight On Medical Design | Connector Design In Medtech

Featured Article
Considerations For Connector Design In Mobile And Patient-Worn Medical Devices
By Patrick Kinyanjui, Fischer Connectors

This white paper discusses the rising need for mobile and patient-worn devices and offers recommendations on the proper approach to designing interconnect solutions for these applications.

Spotlight On Medical Design
Skyworks Medical Solutions
Application Note | Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

When reliability counts, Skyworks delivers. Vital medical equipment such as patient monitors and scanners rely on solutions from Skyworks to ensure two-way communication.

When Reliability Is Paramount: Selecting Capacitors For Life-Critical Applications
White Paper | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This white paper explores regulation, testing procedures, and supplier considerations to assist in choosing the best components for each medical application. 

RF Design And Safety For Biotechnology
Application Note | Altair Engineering Inc

Systems for healthcare are at the forefront of technology development and include remote patient monitoring, drug delivery, and sophisticated imaging systems. In many cases, wireless telemetry is embraced, making use of spectrums in the low MHz to tens of GHz, depending on the application.

Integrated Circuits (ICs) And Component EMC Testing
White Paper | AR

Those who produce IC products for demanding electromagnetic environments must take precautionary measures to test and pass all regulatory EMI and safety requirements. This white paper explores these standards and safety requirements, and offers guidance for ensuring that IC products meet them.

Key Considerations For Designing A Wireless Medical Device
White Paper | Laird Connectivity

Medical device companies need to understand that there are unique requirements to ensure the success of their WLAN deployed solution within a hospital environment. If any of these requirements are overlooked, results can include poor performance and potential regulator recalls.

Krytar Applications Idea: Inexpensive Scalar Measurement Of A Band Pass Filter Or Other Passive Device Or Component
Application Note | Krytar

See the attenuation curve of a typical band pass filter measured using this test setup. This test setup may be used to measure other passive devices such a band reject, high pass, low pass, and stop band filters as well as fixed attenuators, pads, step attenuators, insertion loss of cable assemblies, etc.

Capacitors For Medical Implantable Devices
Product | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

As the global life expectancy continues to get longer, the demand for electronic medical implantable devices is growing. Knowles offers a variety of capacitor solutions for the medical implant industry.

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Fischer Connectors Medical Solutions

Fischer Connectors offers reliable connector solutions to help save lives in medical applications.

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Medical System Solutions

HUBER+SUHNER concentrates on the development and production of solutions for microwave ablation, diagnostics, radiation therapy, and RF applications. Products include a range of RF and fiber optic products, as well as data cables, connectors, assemblies, and cable systems.

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LINAC Magnetrons
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Broadband, High-Dynamic Range RF Down-Converter
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High-Voltage Filtered Medical Connectors
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75-Ohm, Solid State RF Switch
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RF Amplifiers For Medical Applications
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