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12.12.19 -- Spotlight On GaN Technology | Week in 5G

From The Editor
The Week in 5G: 12/10/2019 — Netherlands’ First Spectrum Auction this Summer; Global Body Sets 24 GHz Usage Standard
By Ed Biller

Plus, former FCC chair suggests ways US can overtake China in 5G race, Japan considers tax incentives for 5G infrastructure development, Australia's Optus claims first 5G data call using 2300 MHz spectrum, and more, all in this edition of the Week in 5G

Featured Article
Why Gallium Nitride (GaN)?
By Jewell Steamer, NuWaves Engineering

Gallium nitride (GaN) technology's ability to support high frequency, wide bandwidths, and high-power density make it invaluable in any market requiring high performance in a small form factor. This article compares GaN to other semiconductor technologies and presents reasons for its superiority in miniaturized RF power amplifiers (PAs).

Spotlight On GaN Technology
Understanding RF Signal-Combining Technologies
Article | By James Price, Corry Micronics, Inc.

This article explores options for combining or separating signals and is intended to help engineers determine which component — or combination of components — is most advantageous, given the application.

How To Video: Understanding GaN Device Thermal Analysis
Article | Qorvo

This article and the video titled “Understanding GaN Thermal Analysis” provide practical tips about how to properly design using GaN with thermal considerations in mind.

KRYTAR Directional Coupler Primer
Application Note | Krytar

Directional couplers are passive devices used for sampling incident and reflected microwave power, conveniently and accurately, with minimal disturbance to the transmission line. They are used in many testing applications where power or frequency needs to be monitored, leveled, alarmed, or controlled.

Automatic And Fail-Safe Biasing Of GaN Transistors
Application Note | Integra Technologies, Inc.

Since GaN HEMT transistors are depletion mode devices, it is critical to supply a negative voltage to the gate before any positive voltage is applied to the drain; otherwise, the transistor will draw its maximum possible drain current from the supply.

Multi-Stage GaN Power Amplifier Reference Design
White Paper | Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

This app note demonstrates Wolfspeed’s GaN HEMT technology capabilities with respect to harmonic content, PAE, and SWaP. It also describes the typical performance that has been achieved and that which can be expected when evaluating the demonstrator.

The “Warrior Ethos” Of Restructuring EW
Article/Paper | By Steve Walley, vice president of business development, dB Control

As the U.S. Air Force restructures its electronic warfare (EW) efforts, its EW Enterprise Capabilities Collaboration Team (ECCT) continues to address prior complaints that the USAF’s EW mission/tools weren’t organized enough to stand up to our Cold War adversaries. 

Linearization Of RF Front Ends
White Paper | By Gareth Lloyd, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Some industries and applications use a linearized RF front end or a specific linearized architecture as a prerequisite for enabling higher data throughput in comm links. This paper explores modern linearization challenges by using a reference travelling wave tube amplifier (TWTA).

  Military Radar Summit

January 29 to 31, 2020 | Washington D.C.

IDGA’s 13th annual Military Radar Summit provides a platform to discuss efforts to advance detection and survivability capabilities for radar technology in support of emerging U.S. national security priorities and battlefield overmatch. Join IDGA’s Military Radar Summit for the opportunity to collaborate and network with key leaders, solutions provides, and subject matter experts across the radar community.

Featured Multimedia
Fischer Freedom Series Corrosion Resistance Test Video

This video demonstrates Fischer Freedom Series’ ability to withstand long-standing exposure to salt fog.

Sky5 Full Video Demo: SKY5-8254

This video demonstrates the SKY5-8254 high-band power amplifier with integrated filter solution and its performance in next-generation 5G applications.

Bulletin Board
5G And Millimeter-Wave Testing Brochure

New technologies being deployed will need to rely on the performance of both high-power amplifiers on the transmit side, and low-noise amplifiers on the receive side. Quantifying critical specifications like noise figure and noise power ratio can give radio and receiver designers a deep understanding of how the overall system will perform. Noisecom noise sources generate the broadband noise required to do this type of benchmarking and quantify component and system performance across the microwave and millimeter bands.

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2 kW, L-Band Solid State Amplifier For GPS Denial
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Product Catalog: Thick Film Division
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Mini-Systems, Inc.

30 To 3000 MHz, 8-Port Transceiver Test System
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GaN Doherty Hybrid Amplifier
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X-Band, Solid State Power Amplifier VSX3695
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Compact Directional Coupler
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