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08.29.19 -- Spotlight On GaN Technology | Week In 5G

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The Week in 5G: 8/27/2019 — South Korea’s KT Addresses 5G Device Battery Drain, Huawei Launches AI Processor and Computing Framework, Verizon Makes Deal To Bolster Its Indoor 5G
By Ed Biller

Plus, Switzerland moves to the forefront of 5G rollout, Duubee launches its first 5G commercial terminal, Finland's HMD Global looks to slash 5G handset prices, and more, all in this edition of The Week in 5G.  

Spotlight On GaN Technology
Highs And Lows Of Electronic Warfare
Article | By Mike Lee, dB Control

The next chapter of electronic warfare is all about precision and low visibility. Col. Mark Dotson said the Army’s new EW strategy is centered on, “using low power to affect the signal and to affect it in such a way that it may not even be detectable that you’re interfering with what they’re doing.”

Using Broadband Bypass Capacitors For High-Speed Optical And Millimeter-Wave
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

This article examines the use of broadband bypass capacitors for use in microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies, especially those used in RF applications and optical communications.

Doherty, Balanced, Push-Pull, And Spatial Amplifier Performance Enhancement
Application Note | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This application note presents a hybrid simulation-/measurement-based development methodology used to achieve enhanced amplifier performance with linear form of predistortion. The approach shown may be combined with DPD to achieve an even better result. It may also be used to lower DPD requirements.

Automatic And Fail-Safe Biasing Of GaN Transistors
Application Note | Integra Technologies, Inc.

Since GaN HEMT transistors are depletion mode devices, it is critical to supply a negative voltage to the gate before any positive voltage is applied to the drain, otherwise the transistor will draw its maximum possible drain current from the supply.

Using An Application Fixture (CGHV27060MP-AMP3) For Tactical Communication Radios
Application Note | Wolfspeed, A Cree Company

Wolfspeed, a Cree Company, has developed an application circuit that demonstrates the ability for the CGHV27060MP to operate between 800 MHz to 2700 MHz for tactical communication power amplifier applications. 

Design Of A High-Efficiency Broadband GaN HEMT Doherty Amplifier For New-Generation Cellular Transmitters
Application Note | National Instruments (NI)

This application note describes the design of an innovative Doherty amplifier architecture using 200 W, high-efficiency broadband, 1.8 to 2.7 GHz GaN high-electron mobility transistor (HEMT) technology, which achieved average efficiencies of 50 to 60 percent for output powers up to 100 W.

Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components
Brochure | Krytar

KRYTAR, Inc. founded in 1975, specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-performance, broadband microwave components and test equipment for both commercial and military applications. KRYTAR millimeter-wave products cover the 30 to 67 GHz frequency range.

Introduction To TMD Synthetic Aperture Radar Amplifiers
Article | TMD Technologies

Amplifiers for synthetic aperture radar (SAR) or imaging radar, although evolved from general-purpose radar transmitters, have special requirements associated with the application where it is used. 


The need for combined Air Defence programmes has therefore become a common goal for allied forces around the world. With this in mind, and bringing together senior representatives from military, industry and academia, SMi’s Air Missile Defence Technology 2019 conference will centre on developing and improving the technology behind AMD programmes to ensure they are well prepared for future mission requirements.

To register for the conference online, click here.

Featured Multimedia
Understanding GaN Thermal Analysis

In this video, Qorvo seeks to demonstrate how they determine the reliability and thermal resistance for GaN devices.

Bulletin Board
Sky5 Unifying Platform Video

The Sky5 platforms comprise the Sky5 Ultra and Sky5 LiTE premium front-end platforms designed specifically for use in 5G networks.

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