Newsletter | August 6, 2020

08.06.20 -- Spotlight On Field Analysis | Week In 5G

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Spotlight On Field Analysis
Transforming The Retail Experience: Top Four RF Opportunities

Retail is not just seeing a drop in demand. The coronavirus has also triggered a shift in consumer behavior as more spending moves from physical stores to online, even for products that people traditionally bought “offline.” 

Redefining 5G New Radio Drive Testing

As 5G NR networks are deployed, live network testing is needed to ensure network coverage and Quality of Experience (QoE). In addition, QoE testing in 5G NR will get more complicated due to changes in the network architecture. 

Expand Your Spectrum Monitoring Capability With Affordable Performance

This paper provides an overview of the most common spectrum monitoring applications and a review of the key requirements used to determine which spectrum analyzer meets their objectives. 

Overcoming Radar Simulation System Challenges

Custom transmitters and receivers for radar simulation systems enable unique designs and allow designers to meet specifications unattainable using off-the-shelf components.

Evaluating Exposure To Pulsed Magnetic Fields With The ELT-400 Tester

Narda's ELT-400 Tester is designed for measuring low frequency magnetic fields and evaluating the field exposure that occurs in workplaces and in public areas. This application note discusses the possibilities for ELT-400 analysis.

Introduction To RNVNA, A Multiport Network Analysis Solution

The RNVNA, a multiport network analysis solution, links up to 16 1-port analyzers together into a multiport network analysis system. Each of the 16 analyzers will make individual vector reflection measurements and scalar transmission measurements from port to port.

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Join Qorvo For A Virtual Online Design Summit

Join Qorvo for a virtual online webinar series exploring RF and power management technology. Qorvo’s Design Summit will connect you with our market and product experts to help you bring your applications to the next level. The Qorvo Design Summit is a month-long series of webinars to help you solve your toughest design challenges for 5G, Wi-Fi, radar, mobile, and motor control. Register now!

Featured Products And Services
Broadcast Field Measurement Products

For broadcast stations, field strength measurements must be made at known locations around the antenna system. These measurements should be made on a regular interval with a calibrated antenna. Measurements must be made of the station’s fundamental frequency as well as the side lobes and harmonics to meet the spectrum mask required by the regulatory body.

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A.H. Systems
Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

Bird® offers the SignalHawk SH-60S-AOA handheld spectrum analyzer designed to extend the capability of the SH-60S-TC by adding the ability to triangulate the location of an interferer on a map for signals between 9 kHz and 6 GHz. This highly portable analyzer easily fits in one hand and features an intuitive touch screen user interface.

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Modular Instrumentation Amplifiers: PTCM Series

The new PTCM series of traveling wave tube (TWT) modular instrumentation amplifiers from TMD can be used for a variety of applications including EMC/radiated immunity, communications, EW, radar, and RF component testing in the DC to 40 GHz frequency range, up to 50 kW. These amplifiers now offer improved capabilities such as built-in self-testing, advanced fault diagnostics, modular, plug-and-play field replaceable PCBs, and Ethernet remote control and monitoring.

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TMD Technologies
Portable Monitoring Receiver

Rohde & Schwarz offers the new R&S PR200 portable monitoring receiver engineered to effectively support spectrum monitoring and interference hunting tasks within the 8 kHz to 8 GHz frequency range. The receiver combines excellent RF performance with an intuitive user interface and offers an expanded range of functions for use in a variety of field operations with minimal size, weight, and power consumption.

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Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
Field Master Pro

The Field Master Pro MS2090A RF spectrum analyzer continuous frequency coverage of 9 kHz to 54 GHz delivers performance never previously available in a compact, touch screen handheld spectrum analyzer. Maximize transmitter power and spurious testing with 100 MHz modulation bandwidth, best-in-class phase noise performance, and ±0.5 dB typical amplitude accuracy.

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Anritsu Company
Mixed-Domain And Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes

With the launch of NEW 3 Series and 4 Series oscilloscopes, Tektronix continues to redefine the mainstream scope marketplace by providing superior, advanced features and benefits within a mainstream price range, providing field upgradability at any time. This brochure provides an overview on each of the available series of oscilloscopes and their ideal applications.

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8-Channel A/D & D/A Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Processor PCIe

The Model 7050 from PENTEK is an 8-channel, high-performance PCIe board based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC. With an on-board GPS receiver and 16 GB of DDR4 SDRAM, this device is ideal for high-bandwidth data streaming, waveform signal generators, multimode data acquisition, remote monitoring, and 5G development.

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Pentek, Inc.