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07.23.19 -- Spotlight On Field Analysis

Featured Article
3 Series MDO Spectrum Analyzer Vs. Oscilloscope FFT Comparison
By Tektronix
Mixed domain oscilloscopes (MDO) have built-in spectrum analyzers with an RF input ideal for significantly higher dynamic ranges, versus an oscilloscope using a regular input and an FFT function. This article compares the performance of the 3 Series MDO's built-in spectrum analyzer to common oscilloscope FFT performance.
Spotlight On Field Analysis
Demystifying Over-The-Air Testing — Important Antenna Parameters, Test System Setup, And Calibration
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

The step from conducted measurements to OTA testing changes the measurement requirements to a certain degree, so users must have a basic understanding of antennas and antenna measurements.

Make Smart Use Of Preamps In RF Testing
Article | A.H. Systems

Engineers performing RF enclosure, emissions, or field testing frequently will need to use a preamp with their receiver and associated antenna. Some best practices can improve results and avoid problems.

Anatomy Of A High-Reliability Chip Resistor
Brochure | Mini-Systems, Inc.

This document covers design and fabrication considerations used in Mini-Systems' thick film processes to maximize the performance of their high-reliability chip resistors in surface-mount adhesion, automated electronic assembly, electrical performance, bondability, and more.

Evaluating Exposure To Pulsed Magnetic Fields With The ELT-400 Tester
Application Note | Narda Safety Test Solutions - An L3 Technologies Company

Narda's ELT-400 Tester is designed for measuring low frequency magnetic fields and evaluating the field exposure that occurs in workplaces and in public areas. This application note discusses the possibilities for ELT-400 analysis.

Selecting Microstrip Filters To Deliver Small Size At High Frequencies
Article | Knowles Precision Devices DLI

When selecting a filter implementation, one common factor across all frequencies is optimizing the size of the filter to the application and its required performance. This article discusses the benefits of microstrip filters to deliver higher frequencies in millimeter-wave applications at smaller component sizes.

Harmonic Injection Doubles Ultra-Wideband TWT RF Output
Article | dB Control

Using harmonic injection on an ultra-wideband TWT is a relatively new concept that works to cancel the naturally generated second (and/or third) harmonic within the TWT, and therefore recover the available beam power back into the low-end fundamental frequencies. 

Emerging Trends In Wearable Technology Across Several Markets
White Paper | By Jean-Marie Buchilly, Fischer Connectors

This white paper provides an overview of trends in wearable technology and discusses emerging applications with a focus on healthcare, industry, robotics, defense, and sport. Examples discuss the impact of wearables in users’ lives, and how they improve health, safety, convenience, and performance.

The Essential Signal Generator Guide: Building a Solid Foundation In RF — Part 2
White Paper | Keysight Technologies

In order to offer customers a robust and reliable high-speed wireless connection, you first need the right signal generator. This white paper is the second part of a guide to understanding signal generators. It offers an overview of various modulation schemes, the importance of spectral purity, and the benefits of distortion.

Introduction To RF Matrix Switch Types And Functionality
Application Note | JFW Industries, Inc.

There are many types of RF matrix switches with configurations that distribute RF signals in very different fashions. This app note describes the functionality of these types of switches, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to choose the best switch for each application.


The Multi-Domain Battle Management Summit taking place this August 21 to 23 in Washington, D.C. will bring together battle managers, heads of planning and operations, commanders, and industry partners to discuss how the DoD will advance its multidomain operations through the integration of C2 battle management capabilities across all five domains.

Featured Multimedia
Why Signals Love Swaging With The Stranded Low Loss Wire

Today, cable selection is always a trade-off. Lower loss or more flexibility, solid or stranded wire? HUBER+SUHNER combines two in one—the RF Spuma RS cables are enabled by its patented rotary swaging technology. Watch how it’s done and find out why signals love swaging.

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Skyworks’ LAA And eLAA Video

This video introduces Skyworks’ new endeavors in unlicensed band technologies. Watch the video to learn more about the differences and similarities of LAA and eLAA technologies.

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