Newsletter | March 10, 2020

03.10.20 -- Spotlight On Electronic Warfare

Spotlight On Electronic Warfare
The “Warrior Ethos” Of Restructuring EW
Article | By Steve Walley, dB Control

As the U.S. Air Force restructures its electronic warfare (EW) efforts, its EW Enterprise Capabilities Collaboration Team (ECCT) continues to address prior complaints that the USAF’s EW mission/tools weren’t organized enough to stand up to our Cold War adversaries.

Simplifying Radar Waveform Generation Using R&S Pulse Sequencer Software
White Paper | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Extensive field tests are often used to verify the performance and capabilities of electronic support measures (ESM) and signal intelligence systems (SIGINT) with the advances of signal complexity and bandwidth under preferably natural but controlled conditions. 

The Benefits Of A Tunable RF Filter
Article | By Kevin Harrison, NuWaves Engineering

When you’re only concerned about a single frequency, it’s relatively easy to add in a fixed-tuned filter. However, it becomes slightly more difficult when you need to cover multiple frequencies and can’t just utilize a roofing filter. 

4 Reasons To Get A Bilogical Antenna First For Device Testing
Article | A.H. Systems

As more products use electronics and wireless, a bilogical antenna is the best first investment for internal RF testing.

How New DAC Technologies Are Changing Radar & EW Signal Generation
Article | Tektronix

Application areas in radar and EW system, subsystem, assembly, and component design work have complex signal generation needs, leading to the use of custom-designed solutions for analog signal generation that are expensive and inflexible compared to COTS alternatives.

Spuma RS FR For Aerospace And Defense Applications

Spuma RS FR is the most flexible cable from the Spuma family and is ideal for use in many types of aerospace, defense, and satcom applications. The patented rotary swaging (RS) technology (low-loss strand) allows it to overcome the common trade-off between flexibility and low attenuation.

Featured Multimedia
Podcast: SOSA, Tri-Service Demo, AI, And Signal Processing

Open architecture initiatives such as the Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) effort show tremendous momentum at the start of 2020. In this podcast, Pentek discusses these initiatives, their benefits, the business model roadblocks at the prime contractor level, and specifics from the demo, including the DoD keynote speakers. Additional presentation highlights include AI for embedded systems from the Embedded Tech Trends (ETT) conference.

Bulletin Board
Electronic Countermeasure Solutions

Teledyne Defense Electronics is the proven source for mission-critical RF amplification. With over 50 years' leadership in improving TWT technologies, Teledyne provides multi-octave, high-power TWTs that maximize operational efficiency for electronic warfare/electronic countermeasure (EW/ECM) systems.

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