Newsletter | September 15, 2020

09.15.20 -- Spotlight On Automotive Systems | V2X Spectrum Challenges

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Spotlight On Automotive Systems
Integrated Windscreen Antenna Analysis

Many of today’s vehicles tend to include antennas for AM and FM radio, television, GPS navigation, GMS communication, and automated tolling. This white paper discusses how FEKO can provide accurate and efficient solutions in the analysis of integrated windscreen antennas.

Tips From The Lab: Vertical-Mount MLCCs To Save Board Space And Achieve High Capacitance Values

StackiCap surface-mount MLCCs are designed to provide high capacitance values in compact packages and offer the greatest volumetric efficiency and capacitance per unit mass of any high-voltage X7R ceramic capacitors available.

Glass Sidewall Packages Provide Performance For RF Applications

Glass sidewall packages achieve highest levels of hermeticity for hardware in space vacuums and extreme temperatures. Compared to ceramic, they deliver better RF performance thanks to their lower dielectric constant.

Automotive Ethernet: See The True Signal

This application note provides information on automotive Ethernet, full-duplex communication, the need to separate master and slave signals, signal separation testing methodologies, and a comparison of the current directional coupler insertion method and the Tektronix new signal separation method.

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Poster: Test And Measurement Solutions For Automotive Radar Applications

With the fast evolution towards autonomous driving, radar will play a role as one of the key sensors for ensuring the reliable functioning of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This poster gives an overview of the testing methods applied on radars and their integration into vehicles.

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Webinar: New Advancements For Millimeter-Wave Antenna Design In XFdtd

XFdtd 7.9.1 introduces a range of new features to assist engineers in designing antennas for millimeter-wave applications. This webinar demonstrates XF’s singularity correction, which accurately captures highly varying fields at the edges of good conductors and the process for importing components and document layers of a PCB. We also demonstrate XF’s multi-port feature for representing RF tuners and switches in the circuit element optimizer (CEO) along with other minor updates.

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Test System And Product Solutions For E-Motor Testing

ETS-Lindgren’s E-Motor test solutions are designed to meet the emerging requirements of e-motor performance validation and compliance testing and support both full vehicle and electric/electric sub-assembly (ESA) testing. These solutions provide cost-effective, efficient, repeatable testing and offer full vehicle configurations that include four-wheel drive, multi-axle chassis dynamometers, fully automatic remote antenna positioning, and charging mode test setups.

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20 MHz To 3.0 GHz SPDT Switch: SKYA21001

The SKYA21001 from Skyworks is a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch designed for use in a wide variety of automotive applications including infotainment, automated toll systems, 802.11 b/g/n WLAN, Bluetooth® systems, remote keyless entries, telematics, and GPS/navigation.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Automotive Solutions

The HUBER+SUHNER automotive division offers an array of RADOX cables and complete cable systems designed to guarantee safe and durable connections in demanding environments, such as inside engine compartments. The RADOX electron-beam cross-linked insulation material offers exceptionally high resistance against thermal, chemical, electrical, and mechanical loads. 

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