Newsletter | March 3, 2022

03.03.22 -- Spotlight on Automotive & Connected Vehicles

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Spotlight On Automotive & Connected Vehicles
Automotive Radar Testing
Radar sensors do have a direct influence on the automobile’s steering and control system and therefore need to be comprehensively tested in production. Rohde & Schwarz supplies reliable equipment with a small footprint to help you manage the challenges of automotive radar production lines.
Steering Clear: Vehicle-To-Everything Designs With Seamless Communication And No Interference

Enhancing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) and bringing it to market is often a top priority for car manufacturers because of safety and communication benefits for the consumer. However, to design a robust system solution, we need to first understand the intricacies and challenges of V2X.

Automotive Pulse Test Solution

One of the most severe threats to automobile electronics is air traffic control radar, which can expose vehicles to high-strength pulsed fields. Over the years, manufacturers have developed automobile OEM specifications to test the susceptibility of electronics to these threats.

New Low-Loss, Ultra Stable High-Capacitance MLCCs For Power Electronics

Knowles' newest line of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) built with Hiteca™ delivers high-capacitance stability over high temperature and voltage as well as lower parasitic losses under common operating conditions.

Industry Insights
High-Performance Integrated 24 GHz FMCW Radar Transceiver Chipset

The ADF5904 is designed for multichannel receiver, high-frequency applications that use digital beamforming, such as automotive ADAS radar, microwave radar sensors, and industrial radar system environments, where energy efficiency is becoming a more important system-level design consideration. 

mmWave Automotive Radar And Antenna System Development

This application note discusses some of the challenges in the development of millimeter-wave (mmWave) radar systems, as well as antenna arrays for next-generation smart cars and trucks.

Automotive Ethernet: See The True Signal

This white paper discusses automotive Ethernet, full-duplex communication, the need to separate master and slave signals, signal separation testing methodologies, and a comparison of the current directional coupler insertion method and the Tektronix new signal separation method.

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Featured Multimedia
Webinar: WaveFarer Radar Analysis With Diffuse Scattering And Backscatter Through Walls

Learn about WaveFarer's new features for automotive and indoor radar applications, including diffuse scattering from rough surfaces such as roads and the ability to transmit through walls, windows, and more. Remcom demonstrates these and other new capabilities using a sample drive scenario as well as an indoor mmWave sensor scenario.

Bulletin Board
Poster: Test And Measurement Solutions For Automotive Radar Applications

With the fast evolution toward autonomous driving, radar will play a role as one of the key sensors for ensuring the reliable functioning of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). This poster gives an overview of the testing methods applied on radars and their integration into vehicles.

Featured Products And Resources
Skyworks Automotive Brochure

Skyworks offers groundbreaking in-vehicle technologies with seamless connectivity to make the driving experience increasingly smarter and safer. Their suite of communication technologies and products are designed to support standards between full automotive grade AEC and consumer grade JEDEC.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
0.7 - 0.8 GHz High Linearity Power Amplifier: GRF5507
Guerrilla RF offers the GRF5507 as a high-gain, two-stage InGaP HBT power amplifier designed to deliver excellent P1dB, ACLR, and IM3 performance over the 700 to 800 MHz frequency range. This amplifier’s exceptional native linearity makes it suitable for transmitter applications that typically do not employ digital predistortion correction schemes.
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Guerrilla RF
2 kW L-Band Solid State Amplifier For GPS Denial: 2226
Empower RF offers the new model 2226 solid state GaN on SiC amplifier designed to produce 2 kW of power across the 900 to 1600 MHz band. Based on an established and field proven system architecture that is tactically deployed in a variety of critical DOD missions, this amplifier is suited for GPS denial, jamming, threat simulation, multipaction, HIRF, and automotive EMC applications.
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Empower RF Systems, Inc.
Automotive Solutions

The HUBER+SUHNER automotive division offers an array of RADOX cables and complete cable systems designed to guarantee safe and durable connections in demanding environments, such as inside engine compartments. 

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