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01.20.22 -- Spotlight on 5G/6G/WiFI & IoT

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Spotlight On 5G/6G/WiFI & IoT
Bits To Beams: RF Technology Evolution For 5G Millimeter Wave Radios

As the 5G ecosystem continues to evolve, Analog Devices will continue to bring to bear our leading-edge technologies and signal chain solutions to enable our customers to develop differentiated systems for the emerging 5G millimeter wave market.

The Importance Of HTOL And Burn-In Testing Methods

5G technology is set to be installed at many base station locations that will be exposed to extreme outdoor temperatures. As a result, test systems have been developed, allowing component manufacturers to assure a high degree of the intended quality in response to these factors.

Wi-Fi 6E Passive Components And RF Test Systems

In anticipation of the development of Wi-Fi 6E, JFW has introduced numerous new products to support testing the full range of frequencies allotted by Wi-Fi 6E.

EM Simulation Of 140 GHz Antenna Array For 6G Wireless Communication

In this example, a 140 GHz slot antenna array excited by a substrate integrated cavity is demonstrated for use in wireless communications.

Lights, Camera, Action! UWB Is The Star Supporter In Le Premier Royaume

UWB is an old radio technology enabling new opportunities for rich real-time applications. Companies and application developers are already enabling new UWB-based services that benefit both businesses and individuals. But they are only scratching the surface.

KRYTAR Hybrid Couplers Primer

Krytar’s hybrid couplers perform many functions, including splitting and combining signals in amplifiers, switching circuits, and antenna beam-forming networks used in commercial and military applications where power or frequency needs to be monitored, leveled, alarmed, or controlled. 

Industry Insights
5G NR Design For eMBB

Enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) will extend the current mobile experience with high data throughput by more than 10 Gbps, high system capacity by more than 1,000x that of LTE, and a much better spectral efficiency than LTE. This white paper shows how Cadence software overcomes eMBB design challenges.

Emergence Of IoT: Key Antenna Considerations In Designing Your Smart Ecosystem

As IoT has been fueled by technology, it also has been facilitated by the strength of other technological advancements, including 5G. Antennas play a complex role in the dynamics of the IoT. This white paper explores how TE is addressing the demands of today’s smart ecosystems.

IoT Antenna Questions Answered

This download offers answers commonly asked questions regarding antennas used in IoT applications, including what the proper grounding plane is for certain antennas and why antenna length is important to reception.

Most Popular News
Bulletin Board
AR Catalog For RF & EMC Testing

The AR Catalog for RF and EMC testing features the new low-cost Universal “U” series amplifiers with the widest bandwidth in the industry, covering the 10 kHz to 1,000 MHz frequency range and up to 25 watts CW. Applications for these amplifiers are almost limitless and include lab use, R&D, EMC testing, antenna testing, and watt meter calibration. Additional catalog highlights include new RF solid- state CW amplifiers, pulsed amplifiers, TWTAs, details on HIRF systems components, and reference to a new product demo video on the 6-18 GHz amplifier series

Featured Products And Resources
Product Catalog: Thin Film Division

This thin film catalog has been revised to allow easier navigation by product groups. You can now search by product group, such as chip resistors, microwave and RF resistors, chip attenuators, chip capacitors, networks and arrays, packaged resistors, jumpers/kits, and substrates.

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Mini-Systems, Inc.
5G Network Filtering

As 5G trials progress, frequencies increase, and requirements for filtering grow, Corry Micronics has developed a variety of filtering solutions using different technologies. Corry Micronics offers an array of components for 5G network filtering applications.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
Wi-Fi 6E High-Power WLAN Front-End Modules

The SKY85780-11 is a highly integrated, front-end module (FEM) incorporating a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) transmit/receive (T/R) switch, a high-gain low-noise amplifier (LNA) with bypass, and a power amplifier (PA) for high-power Wi-Fi 6E applications and systems.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (MSO): 6 Series

Tektronix offers the 6 Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes (MSO) designed for present and future troubleshooting and high-speed design validation applications within the 1 – 8 GHz frequency range. This series provides accurate measurements, low noise, and 25 GS/s sample rates per channel.

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