Newsletter | October 6, 2021

10.06.21 -- Specialty Electronic Components: Building Blocks For Aerospace And Defense Applications

The Future Of Satellite Communication Design: Four RF Technology Trends You Need To Know

Over the last four decades, the number of devices that need to maintain mission-critical satellite communications has rapidly grown. At the same time, the information transmitted on these devices has become increasingly more complex. This article explores four RF design trends that are helping satellite communications design engineers meet the demands of the many industries relying on their devices today.

Achieve Excellent Performance In A Small Footprint With Low-Loss, High Q, S- And C-Band Filters
At any given time, there are a multitude of signals at a variety of frequencies streaming all around us. This means most RF devices require some level of filtering to attenuate or remove unwanted signals from the desired channel. Without a filter, receiver components can become saturated and unwanted signals can combine with desired signals to corrupt information.
Balancing Performance With Compact Quadrature Hybrid Couplers

A quadrature hybrid coupler is a basic building block for RF and microwave systems that provides improved input match for unbalanced loads. This article provides a brief overview of how to efficiently use quadrature hybrid couplers and the advantages they offer in different RF applications.

Fully Digital Beamforming: An Excellent Option For Emerging Military Applications

There are a number of benefits that fully digital beamforming can potentially bring to many emerging military applications — especially those in the electronic warfare space. However, it is critical to work with a supplier that has the knowledge to seamlessly integrate multiple passive components into a single circuit and fully understands the miniaturization of passive RF components to enable fully digital beamforming.