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05.16.19 -- Special Edition: IMS 2019 Preview - Part 1

Must-See Products At IMS2019
10 To 110 GHz Directional Coupler With 10 dB Coupling

KRYTAR offers the Model 1100110010 Directional Coupler operating in the 10 to 110 GHz frequency range and delivering flat nominal coupling of 10 dB across the full bandwidth. Ideal for wireless designs and test and measurement applications for millimeter-wave and 5G markets, the coupler can be manufactured to meet military specifications.

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IMS Booth 825
Phase Shifter Assembly With Ethernet Control

JFW offers the model 50PSA-101-XX programmable phase shifter assembly with Ethernet control and a range of 0 to 358.6° by 1.4° steps. The center frequency is user selectable from 1.5 to 3.0 GHz. It has a 2RU high 19-inch, rack-mount enclosure and is available with up to eight individually controlled phase shifters.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
IMS Booth 607
X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier

CPI Beverly Microwave Division’s high-efficiency, modular, 1.0 kW compact X-band, VSX3695, has proven GaN technology and can be easily combined to create high-power X-band radar transmitters up to 50 kW. The solid state transmitters are reliable, provide “soft fail,” graceful power degradation, and are easy to maintain.

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Communications & Power Industries, Beverly Microwave Division
IMS Booth 449
50-Watts Hybrid Power Amplifier Module

The 50HM1G6AB-47 is a 50 Watt hybrid power amplifier module covering the 1 to 6 GHz frequency range. It features a rugged and reliable, class AB design and +28V DC single bias.

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IMS Booth 572
LTE Band 28/38 Switched MIMO Amplifier

The CMIPAS-MIMOB28B38 is a MIMO amplifier that can be operated as a Band 38 TDD amplifier or a Band 28 FDD amplifier. The specific operating mode is controlled by discrete digital bits.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
IMS Booth 1208
600 To 6000 MHz, Solid State Broadband High-Power Amplifier
Empower RF Systems offers the SKU 2223 solid state, broadband high-power amplifier designed for multi-octave bandwidth high-power CW, modulated, and pulse applications. The 600 to 6000 MHz, 150 W amplifier employs advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining techniques, EMI/RFI filters, and qualified components.
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Empower RF Systems, Inc.
IMS Booth 659
4 – 18 GHz TWT Amplifiers

dB Control offers a series of TWT amplifiers with operating capabilities throughout the 4 – 18 GHz frequency range from 2 to 4 kW. With their high frequency bandwidth and power options, these amplifiers are ideal for radar, electronic countermeasures, electronic warfare simulation, test/measurement, antenna pattern, and radar cross-section measurement applications.

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dB Control
IMS Booth 1416
The Journey Of A Signal: Optimize Your Signal Analysis Measurements
White Paper | Keysight Technologies

What happens to the signal of your device once it enters the signal analyzer? This white paper walks through the high-level design of a signal analyzer and how this knowledge can be used to avoid mistakes and make optimum measurements.

IMS Booth 606
R&S dB Calculator
Application Note | Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

This app note discusses a software tool that can be used to add or subtract an arbitrary number of powers, as well as convert power and voltage units from the linear to the logarithmic scale, convert linear power and voltage ratios to decibels, and convert a VSWR to other reflection quantities.

IMS Booth 642
COTS Software-Defined Radio For 5G Development
Application Note | By Bob Muro, Pentek, Inc.

The latest SDR products offer SoC solutions with integrated I/O, ARM processors, and large FPGAs that include intellectual property (IP) for accessing, routing, and processing digital data. 

IMS Booth 2000
Product Catalog: Electronic Package Division
Catalog | Mini-Systems, Inc.

Mini-Systems, Inc. offers microelectronic package solutions in sizes and configurations for virtually any application. We deliver high-quality products at a competitive price and on time. Our 20+ years of packaging experience allows us to understand your requirements quickly and accurately.

IMS Booth 755
How GaN Is Changing The Satcom RF Front-End

GaN has been replacing TWTAs due to its high-power performance and reliability combined with a small form factor. GaN and GaAs are enabling a wide variety of commercial and military satcom applications, including 5G backhaul, ultra-HD TV transmission, and satcom-on-the-move.

IMS Booth 806
How Big Is A Wavelength?

In traditional arrays an inter element spacing of less than half the wavelength (<λ><λ/2) is required to mitigate grating lobes. To understand the shift in system design this brings about, this paper looks at the physical scale of different wavelengths compared to some familiar references.

IMS Booth 1108
Bulletin Board
SMP-SL: Self-Lock Mechanism For Extreme Aerospace And Defense Environments

HUBER+SUHNER’s SMP-SL (Self-Lock) mechanism is designed to ensure reliable electrical and mechanical performance in even the most extreme aerospace and defense environments. The unique combination of a MIL-STD-348 SMP interface together with a low-profile self-locking design provides an integral connector solution with exceptional electrical and mechanical performance.

IMS Booth 655
Featured Products And Services
Automatic Band-Switching RF Booster Amplifier For Tactical Radio
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AR Modular RF
IMS Booth 572
RF Products And Services
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Wolfspeed, A Cree Company
IMS Booth 842
Modular Instrumentation Amplifiers
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TMD Technologies
IMS Booth 1330

RF Switch Matrices
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Teledyne Defense Electronics, LLC
IMS Booth 1124
RF/Microwave Signal Generator
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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation
IMS Booth 1214
RF And Microwave Products
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MegaPhase LLC
IMS Booth 104
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